CEO Stephen Elop admits Nokia’s poor track record, has a plan

Nokia has finally declared that it will eventually stop the shipping of the Symbian Smartphones that they claim to be the main reason behind their production halt. This decision will make them leave the revered 808 PureView as their last developed product on the burning platform.

This burning platform issue is all about what was said about the causes of the failure that Nokia is having and how they should be able to resolve them and move forward.

The recently appointed CEO for Nokia Stephen Elop recently wrote a letter to give the cold truth that was analysing the reasons for their poor results that they have lately.

Some of the reasons for poor track record of Nokia include the following:

  • One of the main reason that even the CEO was quick to mention in that letter was clinging to a platform that is very hard to sustain like the Symbian
  • Another reason is that they sometime take a lot of time to deliver the innovations especially for those that are developed internally
  • Making some poor decisions which makes them to miss the big trends that they always use for the development
  • Another reason that fails Nokia according to their CEO is the failure to attract the third-party innovations just as Google does.

They have decided to move forward by manufacturing Smartphones that will boot Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. This Finish giant is very determined to move forward and have something efficient beneficial and perfect.

Production halt by Symbian Phone long production

According to Nokia Company, the halt of their production is being caused by the long development of the Symbian devices. This is one specific reason that they pointed out as the main stumbling block towards their effective growth,

They argue it out that it actually takes them 22 months to come up with the Symbian product in the market while the Windows Phone handset takes less than a year to get to the market. Anyone in their real senses will opt for the Windows Phone especially if they are both the same it terms of the outcome.

Number of units of the Symbian Phones sold

In the first quarter of the year, Nokia managed to move only 500,000 Symbian Smartphones while at the same time they managed to sell less than 5.6 million devices during the same period and this is a very significant step for them


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