Charlotte SEO: 8 Common Myths Busted Right Here

Search Engine Optimization is unquestionably an indefinite science. Getting a firm grip on its strategies can forever be challenging. There is a debauchery in the way SEO performs.The ever evolving and developing trends have left the most seasoned SEO professionals in awe. Owing to its highly dynamic nature, some misconceptions or myths have constantly been resurfacing and affecting an SEO game plan. These myths may lead an SEO executer to a contradictory position that is definitely not in the interests of a successful SEO campaign.
In order to debunk these myths and lay out a clear understanding of charlotte SEO, the following section outlines some common misconceptions and their realities.


8 SEO Myths Debunked

1. Each Meta Tag has Equal Importance
Search engines today rely heavily on the information available on the website rather than tags for acquiring data about a website. Therefore, instead of focusing your entire energy on Meta Tags, you should ponder over what should go into your description tag or keyword tag.

2. Submitting a Site Regularly –A Great Idea!
No!! Absolutely not,submitting a site on a weekly or monthly basis may actually lead to redundancy that is definitely not a great idea. You are by all means good simply by submitting your website just for once. The search engines will sooner or later come back to you. Although you may link your website to a high traffic site,that might lead to speeding up the process of indexing of your site.

3. SEO is Highly Expensive
This is probably one of the biggest myths that prevail among the minds of people. Truthfully speaking, SEO by no means at all an expensive process. In fact, it is rather the most cost effective one. Compare the costs of PPC campaigns and advertisements with SEO plans and you will certainly come to a different conclusion altogether.

4. PPC’s are More Effective than SEO
People today no longer are unknown with the concept of SEO. They know ads appearing on top or left of the search page are paid ads. Therefore, they prefer organic searches rather than surrendering their instincts to PPC based ads. PPC campaigns may bring you a huge amount of traffic at the start but for the long run, traditional SEO rocks. Charlotte SEO professionals have consistently proved the efficiency of SEO over PPC campaigns.

5. Hiring an In House SEO Specialist is Cheaper
People, often to save costs, turn to an in house SEO specialist for accomplishing their SEO plans. However, they forget that a single person competent of posting, writing and creating etc. is an unlikely affair. On the other hand, hiring a firm for your SEO operations gets you a dedicated team comprising of skilled professionals that promise an enhanced productivity.


6. Only Home Page Optimization is enough
Experts have repeatedly stresses upon optimizing each single page of your website in order to drive in more traffic. People however adhere to form key phrases for SEO purposes only for their landing page. This is encouraged especially due to the fact that the google crawlers sometimes scan the entire site in order to provide better search results.

7. Content with Proper Keyword Density is Sufficient for Rankings
Most people are under impression that as long as they are posting relevant content with optimized number of keywords; their rankings will continue to improve. However, the reality is entirely the other way around.Google not just relies on quality content. It takes more to convince google to index your site at top notch positions.

8. SEO is a once in for all Job
It has been observed that people tend to sit idle after they have managed to rank their website onto a respectable position. Online Business is a very competitive world. Websites are jostling to retain their spots. Therefore, in order to keep your website at a certain rank, it is vital you continuously make changes and perform regular SEO.
Well, these were some of the most common myths that have been constantly hindering the performance of an SEO strategy. If you have some more and would like to add them here, do mention them in the comment section below.

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