Chat On 24X7 along with Smart Design Phone with Samsung Galaxy Chat

Samsung is a major player in today’s mobile phone market, and enjoys a quiet dominance over certain sectors in the market. With this, it’s trying to increase its dominance over all other sectors by introducing more phones for different requirements. Knowing about the dominance of the Blackberry in the market for QWERTY style phones and the gap in the market for Android phones with a QWERTY keypad, Samsung made a smart move with the Galaxy Chat. With this phone, it offers the quality and reliability of the Galaxy Series with the Qwerty Chat option. Let’s see how this fares.

 Doing the innovation in it’s Design Division

 Let’s make one thing clear. It’s an entry level smartphone that you can get on the cheap. Hence let’s not expect too much. That said and done, the design is pretty normal for a touch and type phone. It has a decent 3-inch screen, which is pretty good for a QWERTY phone, and a very good keypad. There are three touch buttons below the screen. The other things are typical Samsung – the lock key on the right, the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top and the volume rocker finds its place on the left. It’s pretty light, and feels great in the hand.

 Cadre of Building with Amazing Demographics

The phone looks pretty well build. Galaxy phones are usually reliable and can take some rough usage and still perform well. This one should be no exception. The phone looks compact and would do well. The back cover is shiny plastic and is susceptible to scratches, dust and fingerprints. The keypad has mini raised keys that will make it really easy to type. The keys are not large enough, so people with big fingers are likely to face a little inconvenience.


Performance with Quality with Amazing Features


The phone has an 850 Mhz processor that holds pretty well. It comes loaded with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box which is really exciting because it brings ICS to the basic level smartphones. The worst part about the phone is perhaps the display. It lacks the brightness and colour of the better smartphones, and is almost of unacceptable standards today. The resolution is 320 X 240 and fails miserably. Samsung has saved a bit of money on the camera as well, because it’s only 2 MP and in today’s time, it’s quite unusable. The 1200 mAh battery backup is pretty decent for its standard, and gives you a day of good usage. It comes with 512 MB RAM which plays a big part in supporting the ICS and does well. You get a 2 GB internal memory, although the company claims its 4 GB.

 Samsung Galaxy: The Brand in Itself

On the whole, if you’re not a person who uses the camera too much, and you can forgive the poor display, then you can go for it. For avid texters, it provides a good keypad and ICS combo that very few others may have. But this phone is really an entry level phone and is priced really cheaply, so you’ll have to overlook a number of things on it.



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