How to Choose Your Smartphone

Current market of smartphones is full of different gadgets for different classes and with different specs. And if you want to remain abreast of modern technologies it is a must to have a smartphone. But it is really easy to get lost and confused by all these variants.

That’s why I suggest you a step-by-step tutorial on how to choose a smartphone for you. I have followed it by myself and I have bought a gadget that totally satisfies my needs.


Smartphones available at the market have diversity on prices for various types. You may find a smartphone for $150 and another type for $1000. However, in general the prices are between $200-500, so smartphones are not the premium gadgets for the rich. Their cost lows down almost every quarter because of the releases of new devices. So, the basic rule is the newer they are and the higher their price. But it also should be noted that it is impossible to catch up with all latest developments, so set the budget limit and start choosing.

Mobile OS

Smartphones can be called hybrids of computers and phones. And in order for them to be able to work, a computer needs an operating system and so does Smartphones. There are several main mobile OS in the world now: Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows 8 (whi

Guest Post

This is a guest post written by Kate Merzlova, a tech writer from Intellectsoft, an IT company delivering the best hybrid application development. To stay in touch with us, follow us on Twitter @Intellectsoft

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