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Now a days many popular websites has a mobile verson of their main web. Business webs, Social webs and even blogs has a mobile verson of their own. A mobile verson of a normal website is actually a miniature of the original web. A certain amount of creativity is necessary to fulfil this requirement. Apart from such websites, there are also some websites which are only available in mobile versons. Anyway all of these websites need something in particular. That is nothing but very high level of creativity. The interface of such a website is usually smaller so one must be able to put all necessary details in this narrow space. This information must be easy to retrieve. The success of the entire website depends on this simple strategy.

Let’s study some of those highly creative and easy to understand mobile websites. These mobile web sites are very popular among mobile application users.

Croation Market Portfolio.

One of the best created websites in the mobile web industry is this. This powerful application is very attracive and easy to operate by any mobile application users. This particular application is developed for iPhone users. The prime target of this application is to give more accurateinformationregarding Croatian Stock Market. So this application is very popular amongbusinessmen. They can decide about investment with the use of this application. The mobile website and application is updated very frequently. And it also has a very high level of internet security.

iOS Music Player App

This particular application is designed to run on iOS platform. It is as good as any other computer music player application. All the necessary features are included to enjoy the real feeling of music. A high sophisticated equalizer and a very useful playlist system are included in this particular mobile application. The look is also very eye catching.   The user can listen to any music file stored in thIosOS devise without much of troublele. The outcome of the music is very high. This application is something one should have if he need a good music experience from an iPhone or iPod.

Daelim Museum Mobile App

This application is also very attractive and eye catching. The user base of this portico application is very big. The content of this application is based on information about the museum and exhibitions. This is actually the only such mobile application available in the form of mobile application. If you are an antique lover or looking for details about museums this application should be in your mobile application list.

Here n Now

Here n now is a kind of social application. This particular application enables users to contact other people indirectly about local information. Traffic, important placesand many other important information can be exchange using this particular application.

My Student Finance

This application is particulary designed for university students with a iPhone or iPad. This application allows users to keep a track record about financial information. It is very helpful ecause the student can balance their budget according to their needs.

Holler 2.0 iPhone App

This pariculer application is also amougn  the most popular applications in the mobile application field. The design is perfect and ryecatching.



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