Cool Ideas for in-Car iPad Mount Set-up

Do you want to replace your GPS device with more effective device? You can do that by using your Smartphone. The iPad car mount is becoming the must have accessory. It enables you to enjoy the great applications and the features of the iPad while driving. No need to worry about the battery dying, because the phone will remain charged while plug in. We all know that the Smartphone is the great source of entertainment and efficacy. No matter you have the latest models or older, you will get maximized entertainment.

The Smartphone car mount can turn your phone to a James Bond gadget.

In this article, you will find some simple and easy way to do that.

Binder Clip:

A large binder clip can do wonders for you; if you don’t have you should get one. This is a most popular way to make Smartphone car mount, because it costs next to nothing with the correct padding. You can turn this one into the practical little holder for your Smartphone.

We will discuss two blinder clips setups, the first one requires few duct taps, a handy binder clip, rubber band and some type of string for wrapping. You need to wrap the binder clip metal wings with the string before attaching the rubber band around the parts. After that, you can easily clip your Smartphone car mount onto the air vents on the car dash and mount your Smartphone without worry.

Tablet Holder:

This method is suitable for the iPad or Android tablet having the folding protective cover. It involves hanging the tablet’s folded cover with the strings which are tied around the air vent. It is probably the simplest and cheapest method to mount the Smartphone.

Ultimate Tablet Holder:

This method is about making the car stereo/dash area suitable for iPad or Android tablet placement. This type of the installation requires some fixes, like move the AC control elsewhere, but the end result will be absolutely useful.

This Smartphone car mount technique allows users to keep the iPad charged and connect the sound from the iPad with the car stereo. You can get the great results, but you need to spend much time on installation.

Now, you know about almost all possible ways of mounting the Smartphone in a car, you need to decide which method best suites you.




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