Creating A Useful Search Function

Many people who are considering using the Internet to increase their profits must make sure their customers will be comfortable at their online store. When businesses learn more about 1ShoppingCart, they will find that they can create a web store that any customer can search and use easily. The steps to creating a good search bar must be followed to make sure the website is user friendly in every way.


The General Search Pattern

Many customers do not want to see results on the website that are not products. The search bar on the web store must eliminate general content from results. If the customer is getting article and sitemap results, they will not bother with searching any further.

The Advanced Search

The advanced search is something that every business should have to help their customers find the products they are looking for. When customers can enter the name of a product, the UPC code, the SKU code or the name of manufacturer to get a result, they are more likely to come back to the website in the future. These simple search features will give customers the confidence that they can always find what they are looking for when they visit the site.



The location of the search bar must be in sight of every person who visits the store. When the search bar is hard to find, many people will not bother searching the website to find it. There are customers who do not have the time to spend on a complicated search. Every time the search gets simpler for the customer, they are more likely to return to the site the next time they need something.

Creating a search bar and search functions is not the most glamorous thing that a business has done, but it is the best thing that the business can do for its customers. Customers who know they can easily the store will continue to shop there for all their needs. When customers are this loyal to the site, they will have no need to go anywhere else. The ease of use will cause them to recommend it to their friends, and the business will grow due mostly to the search bar.


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