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Photos are the best way to get your message across, no matter what the message is and thus, you need to make sure that you get the best pictures. You can either take pictures for yourself or you can make use of the many sites that have pictures that will be of use to you. There are sites where you can get pictures from, but you need to pay a royalty to the site. Well, if you are unwilling to pay anything, the here is list of the top 10 sites to download royalty free images.

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This website has all the pictures that you have ever wished for. There are high resolution stock photos that you can use for your personal and commercial purposes.

Stockvault is another such site and you can send in your pictures for other people to use as well as use the photos that are uploaded on the site.  There are textures and backgrounds that you can choose from, as well.

Freerange is a site that you need to register with before you have access to their photos. The membership is free of cost and you can choose from the very many pictures and textures. has a very simple principle. They don’t charge you for any picture that you download, all they need to know is the place where you have uploaded the picture. Redistribution of the photos is prohibited, though.

This site has different sections that you can check out. There is a section of royalty free photos and you can select any one of them and download it for your work. But, you will have to pay a sum, which is paltry for the other pictures.

In this site, there are heads under which the photos have been segregated and this will help ease out your search to a great extent. There are textures and tutorials too, for commercial or private purpose.

There are thousands of categories that are available and this will help the user to find the picture that is suitable, very easily. There are more that 10,000 pictures to choose from and there are certain sections of pictures that you need to pay for. The rest are royalty free. can be used for downloading pictures for both, commercial and private use. There are pictures that are based on certain themes and you can choose any of these pictures. There are numerous different themes to select from. can be used for downloading images for your use. That is not all, as you also have the freedom to choose from the various categories that are present and also there is a designer’s zone that is present where you can design your pictures.

These are the top 10 sites to download royalty free images. You can go in for any of them. But, before you settle for any one, it will be a prudent if you take a look at what all of them have to offer to you.

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