Effects of Social Media For Kids – Make It Work Positively!

The social media platform helps friends to connect and businesses to market their products and services. Additional services induce research, and find out the latest details and events happening all over the globe. When you log online you find it easier to connect with friends, start to gossip, share ideas, and experiences through the chat system, or video calls.

Technology has enabled us to move from telephone systems, and letters to instant connection even in remote locations. However, there are certain risks, which kids face, and when not well monitored, it becomes harder for parents to understand issues their children face.

Create a world that does not exist

Many teenagers want to escape the world they live in and find it easier to connect with friends who do not exist, create fanaticism, and copy what their idols do online. This makes it harder for them to separate reality from fantasy, and leads to emotional heartbreaks since they find no one understands their issues. Most teenagers use the social media for

  • Dealing with depression
  • Find how other teenagers lead their life and imitate it
  • Take time to research about their credibility and role models making them addicted
  • Becomes harder for them to communicate with parents and the entire world

Introduces cyber bullying and kidnapping cases

Most teenage social media users look for friends who give them what they need and this includes telling lies, and giving them a world that does not exists. Most of these people are pedophiles, kidnappers, and fraudsters willing to get more details about the teenager and later do something harmful to them.

When a teenager finds someone online who seems to relate to their issues and always has the best answer, they choose to confide with them and before long, they arrange for meetings, which always end up badly. Some of the worst cases ever reported when teenagers use social media for granted include

  • Kidnapping and asking for cash from family members
  • Rape, murder, and slavery cases
  • Fraud cases where they ask for credit card details and rob the victim.

Effects of social media to the teenager

Some use the social media for other reasons besides connecting with unimaginable friends and they include

  • Visiting pornographic links on social pages
  • Chatting with friends hence wasting time instead of studying
  • They use online videos, to get answers for their projects instead of working and researching

Recommendations for positive social media use

It is important for parents to give children especially teenagers the chance to connect with friends through social media. This makes it easy for them to maintain a social life but it is wise to control it. This means having rules on using these tools and the parents have the right to discontinue when misused.

  • Have a timetable of when to visit the social sites
  • Block off any pornographic links or interactive sites, likely to control their mind and behavior.
  • Allow them to use the internet in an open place like the sitting area instead of the bedroom for easy monitoring
  • Get to know the people they interact with online and do a background check.

It is not easy for parents to tame their children in matters of social media but engaging with them to know what they do, enables you to understand issues they deal with and know the limits.



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