Eight Ways to End The Tyranny Of Business Shift

Businesses are pressured by the fast changing lifestyle of the society. They always have to play catch up with this fast paced world. Today, everything is ran by technology and so it is quite obvious that businesses now should be updated technologically. Companies should step into the techno buzz and make it their selling point. Nowadays, businesses tend to shift due to the fast paced lifestyle of the society. They have to make a lot of changes with their products as well as with their management just to keep the consumers interested.

This obviously affects the project management of a company. To keep an agile project management, companies should be updated with the latest project management methodologies. Companies should now branch out globally to get all of the capable workers they can get. Technology gives them the chance to reach out globally and change their business structure. Companies should consider shifting to virtual management to gain business advantage.


1. Learn The Art of ‘Stepping In, Then Stepping Back’

As a superior authority, as a boss or as a manager, there should be balance in interference. Interfering should not be the point at all but guidance. A project manager should know when to step into action to direct the group back on track and when to sit back and observe. Constant hovering from a superior is overwhelming for an employee. This kind of dilemma is avoided with virtual management. Employees can work in their own pace while the project manager waits for result. But to keep the project, collaboration between the members and the manager is needed.

2. Eagerness Is Needed All The Time
Innovation will give any business a certain edge. Companies should keep on innovating with their products as well as with their own management. Researching the competition to stay updated is needed. And speaking of updated, if the company is into virtual management, they should be aware of the best project management software. The right project management software is one of the virtual management collaboration tools that can improve the company.

3. Know What Tools To Use And What Not
There are a lot of project management software, social media and content marketing tools that are essential for maintaining a business management. This abundance of software may also be overwhelming but the secret is that the project manager should be aware enough of what management tools are necessary for the project and not. Researching about the software is essential because this is when the qualities of the software surfaces. This is when the project manager tries to sort out what tools are necessary and what not.

4. Comfort of Home
Companies now have virtual management and a new adversary comes with it. Collaboration is needed in this business environment which is also one of the best practices of creating a virtual workforce. There are a lot collaboration tools available that can put all of the members together in one place. Collaboration tools can improve knowledge work as they can record all of the necessary discussions done in the meetings that can be checked time and time again. This can also serve as a portfolio of some sorts for the companies’ projects and achievements.

5. Organized Execution
After gaining the best collaboration tool as well as the best project management software available, getting the team together and telling them of how the project should be done. There are steps in doing the project and this should be executed as flawlessly as possible. For example, for the UWS Project Management Methodology, there are five steps: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing. Create a step by step plan suited for the project and stick by it. Monitor the team through the completion of each step.

6. Know Your Employees
Knowing your employees is essential in doing a flawless project. The project manager should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. This should also minimize the need of the business to shift sporadically as it can find ways of salvaging business by using all of the employees’ strengths. Knowing the capabilities of the employees would also ease the job of assigning the tasks that the project needs.

7. Communication Is Key
The fact that the employees may be scattered all around the world should not be a hindrance to the communication between the employees and the project manager. An article in Forbes has emphasized the importance of communication in virtual management. The tips all mentioned about how important it is to make use of the time that the project manager has with his virtual team for the project to be successful.

8. Pick the Right One
There are a lot of project methodologies available to every company but the real challenge is in choosing the one that is suitable for the company. There is no right or wrong about choosing a project methodology and there is no such thing as a more effective project methodology. This is all about suitability to the requirements of your project management. Basically, gathering information about the different project methodologies will give you an idea when each of them should be used.

Business shift is necessary to keep the business updated with the ever changing society. The best business shift might be to go virtual as it will lessen the stress of work to the employees. The project manager can also minimize the stress on his side as all he has to do is to monitor the team’s progress. Virtual management is sure evidence that a company is truly updated. This also gathers the best hands for the job ensuring success for the company.

Author Bio: Anna Rodriguez is a training manager for a Philippine real estate developer, She also has varied background in real estate brokerage, investing, online marketing, social media management, and SEO. She owns Homey Guide Blog.


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