Expansion of Facebook Applications

Facebook Applications: How They Work

Facebook applications have expanded rapidly over the last couple of years. It is believed that Facebook applications are what differentiate it from other social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Facebook applications range from photo application which enables Facebook users to upload and share images with other users to marketplace application which is akin to the well-known craigslist.

Facebook Applications

Therefore, to learn more about Facebook applications keep reading this article to the very end. Discussed herein, are different types of Facebook applications you are most likely to come across.

Photos Application

The Photos Application enables Facebook users to upload pictures and share with friends. For example, if you have an image of a friend who is also a Facebook member, you can use the application to upload the photo and then tag your friend on it. Once you have tagged your friend, the image will automatically not only in your photo album, but also in the albums of the friends you have tagged in the photo.

Video Application

This type of application is akin to YouTube application in so many different ways. Facebook users can upload as many clips as possible in virtually all formats. However, Facebook has restriction on the file size of the uploaded video. The maximum size for uploaded videos is 100 MB. Moreover, the video ought not to be longer than 2 minutes.

Groups Application

This application allows Facebook users to create groups which other members find interesting can join. Facebook Groups are designed to bring together users who have similar interest together. Group Application is one of the most popular applications on Facebook as it’s also used by corporations and business enterprises to keep their followers updated.

Events Application

There is no doubt that social networking sites have really transformed the events landscape. Today, most online users utilize Facebook as a platform for organizing events as it is much easier to bring people together in social media than out there. Event Application enables you to create and invite as many friends as possible on Facebook to a real-life get-together.

Marketplace Application

Facebook applications would not be complete without the inclusion of Marketplace. A majority of transactions today are accomplished online. The Marketplace Application enables Facebook users to link with other members on Facebook when looking to sell or purchase a product. To use Marketplace Application, one has to be a member on Facebook. Nonetheless, it is important to point out that Facebook does not in any way get involved with the sales. It only offers a platform where buyers and sellers meet in Facebook.

Other applications found in Facebook are:

–          Gifts Application.

–          Posted Items Application.

Facebook applications are designed to enable members to do virtually everything from sending gifts to buying and selling without having to leave the site. There are hundreds of other applications available in Facebook that have not been mentioned in this article. While some people may think that Facebook is the one responsible for creating these applications, the truth is that Facebook members are the ones that are responsible for building the applications.

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