Facebook Can Help You Promote Your business

Facebook helps different businesses in different ways. For young businesses, present branding opportunities offered by Facebook, for example, by reaching untapped areas, using ads and targeting applications.

Facebook can help target people area wise, and countries, with specific interests like sports, cooking, arts etc.

Facebook for clients:

If on the other hand you have a client concerned with enhancing sales who needs convincing, there are Facebook’s business only features like Offers. You can also connect with existing fans using Facebook to promote sales, for example, by promoting a discount offer on Facebook.https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/582341_319373398168050_1414850920_n.jpg

Facebook for an established business

If however the business in need of marketing is an established one, there are opportunities to show off brand and the company culture. This helps people see the organization as more personal, more humanized and increases the appeal. You can promote employees, or give sneak peeks into your company’s headquarters to pique interest.

You can convince people of the power of Facebook by pointing out that if people are talking about your product on Facebook, you can take charge be becoming a part of the conversation, thus helping with customer service and feedback.


You can do crowdsourcing for example by asking people to pick a favorite flavor or suggest a new one, if you have food brand.

Cost analysis:

Determine how much cost will be required to build the Facebook page, by creating a spreadsheet about the sum needed to create, and maintain a page on Facebook. Important considerations being, the hours required every day to maintain the page, depending on the type of business. How many times a brand posts a day? It could be round the clock or in small chunks of time.

Design cost:

Then there is the cost of a professional graphic designer if needed to create an appealing cover photo, thumbnails, etc. then if ou want to do advertising on Facebook, you should have an estimate of the price for different types of ads on a monthly basis.

Trial run

If people are not yet convinced that advertising on Facebook would be beneficial, you can suggest a one month or 60 day trial, and work your way through by setting realistic expectations, and a good strategy. Realistic goals will not raise expectations too much to be disappointed later, like an increase in the number of people engaging with you on Facebook, people who comment and share in addition to just liking the page/

You can set a figure of sales increase via promoting an offer solely on Facebook. Then you have to include that how many times it’sfeasible for your company to post on Facebook, depending on the resources. Then you should include sample cover photos, pictures, and use a style guide for your tone and voice, whether informative, witty, edgy or humorous.

Risk analysis

Also add a risk contingency to deal with unexpected situations in this ever-changing world of social media, and how you will adjust and monitor the campaign based on the needs and requirements of clients.


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