Facebook Video Scams-You May be Next Victim

Right from the early months of 2011 Facebook is growing surprisingly and now it has network of 800 Million users.Among these users,there are naughty mates as well, whose sole purpose to join the Facebook is to dis comfort other users.With a little bit of knowledge of coding they are continuously sending Video Scams.Here is how a scam video looks like

So mostly the videos have  adult thumbnail images to attract the user to be part of scam and the trap works as well. Some videos may be challenging you as well sayinng “98 Percent of People Can’t Watch This Video”  etc.Whenever someone follow the on video instructions then he/she becomes victim and video gets posted on their wall automatically and sometimes personal messages also knock the Message Box of that user’s Friends.

 How to identify Scam?

 Here’s the two popular methods  by which scam successes..


1.FB Share

The most common way to make you part of scam is by letting you share the    video on Facebook.These scam videos ask  you to share it first on Facebook before you can watch it.You do the same and scam happens.So if any video is asking you to share first then Don’t Go For It.Better is to check the url of the video and then going to video address after logging out of  Facebook.

2.XSS(Cross Site Scripting)

The next effective method is XSS.this mosly works with Chrome ,Safari ,Mozilla      In these videos you are required to pass from a securtiy check which is nothing but to make you victim.User have to copy some code given by the video and have to paste it in their browser address bar.Mostly users go for it thinking its Facebook Security Check and thus become victims.

Here’s Explanation By Mat Jones



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