Four Things to Consider When Partaking in Email Marketing

Did you know that an email campaign can help you grow your business, share an important message or bring more visitors to your website? Marketing by email isn’t rocket science, but it does take finesse. Learn these four things to consider when partaking in email marketing.

Love Your Copy


Your subject line will decide the fate of your email. The average person reads only 10-30% of emails in their inbox. Email subjects that give a deadline such as “ends today” or offer a great benefit, attract more attention. If your subject line doesn’t let your reader know what is inside, chances are they will not click-to-open.
Once your subject has enticed a reader to open your email, that person expects to see a flawless message. Sending an email full of mistakes will damage your reputation.

Before you click send, check for these common errors:

• Links that don’t work.
• Poor grammar and spelling.
• A layout that is hard to read.
• Sentences that stray off topic.
Also focus on using a consistent layout and color scheme from one email to the next. This reminds readers of past emails, and it encourages a sense of trust.

Respect Your Mailing List


Your mailing list consists of your most devoted readers. They chose to click a button and receive email updates from you.
Don’t disrespect your mailing list by:
• Sending off topic emails. Your readers signed up for a certain type of email.
• Sharing email addresses with others. Your readers trust you when they sign up.
• Sending unsolicited emails. Purchased email lists will get you marked as spam.
• Not allowing recipients to opt out. Always provide a link to unsubscribe.
• Sending too frequent emails. Readers don’t want you to fill up their inbox.

Offer a Reward


Give your mailing list a reward for reading. Always include an offer such as a free sample, knowledge that can’t be found elsewhere, a gift-with-purchase or a great discount. A post script at the bottom is a good way to provider an offer, but a reward in the subject line will catch more attention. When you offer a reward, readers will be more likely to open that next email to see what is inside.

Track What Works

With each email campaign, keep track of what methods work the best. Did a particular subject line grab extra attention? Did you offer a discount that readers couldn’t refuse?
When you send an email, make sure readers can respond directly to you. This will entice them to give feedback. Analyze feedback to find what your readers prefer. Also track sales that occur in response to each campaign. Store your findings for easy future access.

When you market by email, don’t forget to check your copy, avoid spamming readers, offer a great reward and track what works. If you are new to email marketing, these four tricks will lead you down the path to success.

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Guest Contributor Amanda Brown is a freelance writer whom enjoys playing and coaching volleyball. She loves her friends and family including her dog, Charlie; as well as traveling all around the world.

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