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Google’s Android smartphone stands out among others thanks to its customization possibilities. You may do almost anything you want to your screen, apps icons, lock system, etc. It is one of the features that makes Android different from all other mobile operation systems iOS and Blackberry in particular) that don’t allow so much to change.

And another very enjoyable thing is the Android App Market is full of customization applications available for free.

GO Launcher EX and Go Locker

Apps from GO stand out of the crowd of other apps just because they provide pro features for free.

GO Launcher EX application will help you to customize your desktops, widgets, apps, themes, almost everything what concerns the lay out of your smartphone. Go Locker will work only if you use GO Launcher as it is the base app for all other GO apps. The Locker app mainly traces the unlock system of the themes installed. However, even though GO applications are free, there are still some limits, like paid widgets, themes, icons, etc.  And another drawback is that it takes a lot of CPU and it will slow down the work of your phone greatly, if it is not the latest Galaxy Note.

If you have a less powerful smartphone and don’t want to install Go Products, you’d better get all these functions from the set of different applications listed below.


Locking is the best with MiLocker app which is developed on MIUI ROM’s built-in locker. There are several goo themes and mechanisms of unlocking that will satisfy all your needs. The app works fast as it has no widget or shortcuts support.

Coveroid,, DeviantART, InterfaceLIFT, Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers, Wallpapers HD

I have made my mind on not choosing just one mobile wallpaper service and have listed my favorite applications because I know from my experience that one won’t be enough. These apps are catalogues of great wallpapers, still and animated. The pictures are divided into the categories; the keyword search is available in almost all services. has a function of wallpaper filtering based on the hex color code. DeviantART has also a good collection of photos. Zedge provides ringtones and icon sets as well.

Metrostation Icon Pack and Tehkseven Iconsets

While describing wallpapers apps I have mentioned that Zedge brings lots of cool icons to the users. But it is not the only service that does it. I like icons from Metrostation and Tehkseven. Find, load and experiment with the icons of the mobile applications.

Fachadick’s Fonts, djjonastybe’s 100000+ font pack

Wanna change fonts? You will find the one you like in these packs. The fonts were chosen manually and they all work well.

Minimalistic Text

The app is used to create almost anything, starting from functional widgets to launch an application to the time, date, weather, battery, RAM use tracing, widgets.

So, here is the list of Android application I use for making my phone unusual, and what are yours? May by you know any example of iOS development that could replace these apps? I think iPhone and iPad users would appreciate it!

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