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The Android has long been heralded as a great device for staying productive on the go. While this is no doubt one of the benefits of using the smartphone, it also serves as a great tool for having fun. There is no shortage of awesome games to play on the Android, though some of them are quite pricey. Fortunately, if you are looking to play games on your phone, you have lots of great options available that won’t cost you anything! Read on to discover some of the greatest free game apps for the Android.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds became a veritable phenomenon when it was initially released for the iOS on the Apple App Store. Angry Birds is now available for the Android, and unlike its brother on the iPhone, the Android app is totally free! In order to enjoy the game, you will have to put up with a few random advertisements here and there, but when you haven’t paid a cent for the game itself, who’s complaining?

Newton Lite

Science nerds and math geeks will be sure to love the game Newton, which challenges you to line up shots for a target. Plenty of obstacles threaten to deflect your shots, including a range of mirrors, traps, and the laws of nature. If you love the lite version enough, you may want to upgrade to the full game in due time. That being said, there is plenty to love in the lite version for free!

Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble mimics one of the most popular games ever, where users fire gems into the air and try to group them into small clusters. This addicting game is easy to play, which is why so many individuals across the globe have fallen prey to its grasp, spending hours and hours trying to top their highest scores. If you’re a fan of the game, you simply won’t want to miss this free version on the Android.

Gem Miner

If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be a mole digging underground, now is your chance to discover once and for all. Gem Miner allows the player to head under, where he digs for treasure and uses his tools to find more raw materials. You can save up for bigger and badder tools with time, along with resources like better maps. All of this combined makes for one incredibly addicting game for the Android.

Tetris Free

If you are a Tetris fan, you simply cannot miss the Tetris app for Android. While initially the app is a bit tricky, simply because it takes time getting used to rotating blocks with your fingers instead of keys, players quickly get the hang over this popular game. Spend hours rotating the blocks and see if you can get a high score!

Word Puzzle

Word Puzzle is a bit like Tetris and a bit like Scrabble, meaning fans of those two games are sure to love this new hit. Using the falling blocks of letters, users have to make a perfect word and score points for it. You can easily spend hours playing and enjoying all this game has to offer.

With all of the incredible games available for the Android, finding the right one to spend hours playing simply couldn’t be easier. This is but a sampling of the many great games available to users for free on the Android Market. With new releases constantly coming out and a wide range of developers focusing on the creation of high-quality games, users have a world of gaming possibilities at their fingertips.

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