Google Currents Android App – Review

Google has come up with a new version of its much acclaimed Google Current Android app version 2.0.1 on. Those who haven’t used the earlier version of Currentbefore understand, it is kind of an app for delivering news with a magazine-like appearance, and it is free to download and install on your Android mobiles. You will needAndroid version 2.2 or later to run this app.

Indications are that Google Current will stand in direct competition with Flipboard, again a well known news app, and give it a run for its money; though it still lacks when viewed from a social point of view on which Flipboard has an upper hand.

A Major Overhaul of Features

The new version has a clean interface and navigating around has been made easier. You will also find the speed to be considerably faster, and you can read offline as well.

The notable publishers include: TechCrunch, PBS, Saveur, The Guardian and Forbes. These publishers have already come up with hundreds of full length though evoking articles, videos, vivid photographs and slide shows in their editions. They are free on Google Current and cover a wide gamut of generics including news, lifestyle, business, sports, fashion, technology, science, food, design and entertainment and more.

Scanning speed has improved considerable with a drastically altered navigation system with swiping abilities. That makes it easier than ever before to look across unread stories contained in each edition from the publishers. A different swipe will take you to another category where you can see editions within that category. The Side Bar will let you jump directly to a particular edition.

Another feature that you will like is ‘Breaking News’ and it is evident that Google Currents is using it is vast access to information on the search engine to bring them instantly. And more important point than the Breaking News itself is, they are location sensitive. Which means you will get news relevant to the area in which you are currently traveling.

You can save stories for later reading through the save feature. So the next time when you out of wireless internet range you can still read the stories you have saved. If you opt not to save, you can as well star it and access anytime convenient. Likewise you can also access blogs and feeds for future reading. What you find most impressive is the magazine-like look it gives.

Google Current has also leveraged it translation technology and put it good use in Google Currents. Currently you can use one of the 44 languages it supports. There is also a widget you can place on the screen and access news through it by just a tap. Interestingly the app adjusts to your devices’ display area without a flaw. So there is little that you need to resize text for tablets or devices with varying screen sizes.

Leverages Your Google Accounts

One of the biggest benefits you derive from using Google Currents is the way you get access to it. There is no need to create a fresh account, and all that you have to do is use your existing one. Another resource that Google Currents seem to be using from Google itself is the RSS aggregator which is a runaway success. But it seems the success is not complete with Google Reader not synchronizing well with Currents.

Flipboard Still Ahead in the Race

Though the present update to Google Currents is something to talk about, the fact remains that Flipboard is ahead in the race for supremacy, and that you can tell from the superior focus and polish specific to it. If Flipboard is working well for you, then, there aren’t many reasons to switch, though if you want a change and that for the sake of it, you can try Google Currents.







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