Google developing Android-powered home entertainment system

Google, the brand name speaks about itself. Google, as you all know is no.1 search engine and now this search giant has decided to show its hands in other field of technology as well. Google is known for its versatility which can be seen from its products and services. After getting success in the fields like search, mobile OS, browser etc. Google is all set to make its place in your room.

Google Home Based Entertainment System

Some days back a report from Google indicates this type of project from Google and now report from online Wall Street Journal reveals the mystery. According to report Google is working on new entertainment gadget that will be better known as Home Entertainment System. This upcoming gadget from Google will be powered by Google’s own OS i.e. Android.

Rumors were there that it is not first own Google Home entertainment gadget as there is already Google TV available in the market. If you are also confused with it, then let me tell you that it is going to be first Google Home Based Entertainment System as the earlier gadget i.e. Google TV is not made under the brand Google. Bo doubt it’s a Google product, but it comes under the brand of Sony.

But this time all will be set by Google itself. Experts are reporting that Google will be focusing more on the hardware this time.

What will this System Include:

The concept or better I say features, is somewhat similar to that of product of Sonos. This new upcoming gadget will give the access to live streaming of music wirelessly. Rumors are also that it may come up with live streaming of videos as well and that again wirelessly as well. Google has been trying hard to make its place in home and with this Home Based Entertainment System Google is going to knock the doors of our homes and make our home a smart home.

Similar to Sonos?

From the view about this gadget has been received so far, it is looking quite similar to one that from Sonos. The concept and features of both the gadgets are quite same. Then Google is going to steal the concept????

Well, I don’t think so because the brand name is Google here and brand speaks its quality. Also the product from Sonos only support live streaming of audio only, but this will include video streaming as well. Sonos product is quite expensive and not all the people can have access to it but Google is planning to maintain the good budget as well and will provide this entertainment system at cheaper rates.


Google is going to give competition to its top competitor Apple, which is already in the field of Home Entertainment System with its products like iTunes, Apple TV, Airplay.

So its early call from the  Google to Apple to get ready for the Home Entertainment Fight.

Release Date:

Well, nothing exact has been found in Google’s report or Wall Street Journal. But the chances are there that it will available by the end of this year. So till now no answer is there for this question. Only time can answer it and all we can do is wait only.

I am very excited for the launch. And Are You????


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