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Google Glass is no doubt (notwithstanding whether it is workable, or whether the pro’s exceed the con’s or fail to), is an innovation and ‘new age’ technology that deserves acknowledgment. The new Google Glass was first shown off unofficially when its staff were wearing it, and everybody else was puzzled by what it was; Google uniform that lacks the style quotient, or something synonymous with the word ‘wonderment’ in terms of advance in technology.

While everyone got tired of Googling the Google Glass and getting no real information, Google launched a ton of videos that went amok on the internet, which gave us a closer look on the buzz worthy new glasses. Complete with all kinds of features, that are just what you would have conjured up in your fantastic wishlist as a nineties or even eighties kid.

Now, the wishlist isn’t so fantastic, and Google has made it seem possible. The works are initiated through an ‘Okay Glass’ voice command, which brings magic to the otherwise simplistic looking glasses. With these glasses, you can do everything that you usually do on the Google search engine, like browsing the internet looking for information and data on various subjects. You can also snap pictures with the tiny sized and well encased 5 megapixel camera. Using this fun camera, you can take shots on the go, and even record videos. Watching and shooting videos is done in 720p Video. This isn’t glassware just to search out information, since yes we can do that on your phone, it takes it further and even allows you to send out messages.

The Google Glass is really not just technology that anyone can put together. This showcases a vision which has been translated with remarkable near-perfection, and is a charm to own. There are several questions and considerations that spring to the mind, when considering the features of this Google Glass, like safety for your eyes (taking into account the proximity of the glasses and the content it displays to your eyes) and also privacy issues, like the ability to take pictures of anything you see. Also, Google Glass makes you wonder about the next stage of possibilities by stretching the features and adding more combinations. It certainly won’t be long since we will get some answers to these ponderings, but in the meantime, let’s explore our Google Glass.

Google’s (GOOG) main business is as we all know the advertising and search field, however Glass looks like a new angle, and way of searching and getting information. With Google Glassyou don’t have to resort to pulling out your super gigantic Phablet, your smartphone that is padded with protective layering and cases and what not, or even your regular handset device to hunt out for data through Google.

With Google Glass you can simply gain access and remain connected. Google has improved the ante with hardware, since it will compete against Apple (AAPL), Samsung (SSNLF) and some others. Google Glass sure looks like it stands apart from the others. While every other company focused on making bendable glasses, and display screens that you can wrap around your wrist, and still battle with how to make the display comfortable and UI friendly, Google went the simple way, tinged on double agent lines. The Google Glass comes complete with a high resolution display which is apparently the same as a 25inch high definition screen from about eight feet away as told by Google.

This seems incredible and resultantly skeptics with all their skepticism are abundant. Google Glass also has 12 GB worth of usable memory, and comes with 16 GB worth of Flash storage all in all. It will run Android, along with something new that Google’s CEO Larry Page had announced on Google’s latest earnings call.

Another claim by Google is that its new eyewear has a long lasting battery, which means it is your companion through the day only to be rested at night, as dentures are to older folks. Here again, skeptics thwart these claims replacing them with their own view that it will last as less as only five hours. Even if the battery isn’t that great, it is an issue that will soon be resolved by Google and we can expect many versions of Google Glass.

Now as mentioned before, and which has also apparently been a concern for Google, the design requires, well a lot. Google is supposedly summing up an understanding with eyewear designer Warby Parker, to improve the look of the Google Glass and make it more attractive. Undoubtedly when a device like this gets the nod of approval from the public and potential consumers, if you come with desirable designs and varying combination of features, the demand will be immense, and recurrent.

This means that it doesn’t end here, and it is practically another species of devices in the must-have, for daily use technology genus. We wonder about the time when Google Glass will go out on sale, and what it will cost. Perhaps some revision of both factors could be considered and dealt with in order that Google Glass becomes the success story it ought to be, and go down in history and not just go down.

As said earlier, there are allied issues, and minor collateral, however the welcoming of Google Glass should not be compounded by those foreseen problems. There will be more at the I/O developer conference event coming soon, and we are eager to discover more. On Google official website, we discovered we just can’t wait for it to roll out into the market.

The following are what we noted from the site:
• It is very simple to use and to get accustomed to.
• All you have to do to snap a picture is say the words ‘take a picture’.
• You can record everything you see, without any ‘hand-ling’.
• Share what you see or record, then and there!
• You can send out a message, or get directions and information.
• Ask anything that you want and leave nothing unknown in your mind.
• Google Glass can translate what you say, and it answers without questioning.
• The glasses are durable, and super light, and don’t feel like it contains all the futuristic technology it actually craftily conceals.
• At present, the glasses come in Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, and Sky.

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