Google Panda the silent SEO killer

Since google panda come in to be, it has affected the ranking of so many sites, with a changed algorithmic . With the increased user experience this is a much welcomed tool for some. These techniques actually work and now those sites that were using unethical SEO are now in big problems since google has not spared them this time. With the change of the Rankins sequences its now time to know the different building techniques that google has slapt. Below I shall explain all in the easy readable language.

Do Follow Blog Commenting: building backlinks as become very easy with this technique , discovering how to manipulate google by knowing how it reacts to backlinks, can be a great source or revenue for them. The profit potential is enormous especially if taped well in advance. By manipulating the Google with backlinks what you are doing in effect is getting your rankings higher.what is of importance is the daily link buildings numbers that can be evident together with how you are consistent and how you have positioned your keywords into your content. Google has not discovered the dofollow comments and is now messing them up so they are now unreadable to anyone. The way the message comes Google know its 50 % of the full page and carries allowances for comments on it.

Link Exchange : this was an exceptionally good way of being ranked high by using this link. It created hundreds of backlinks when you exchanged links on the homepage within any site. By being good in anchor text metrics it was possible to manipulate the system into getting higher ranks that were much needed. Since the links were in the sidebar of footers google was able to spot them and disable them.

Indirect Layer: this was a clever hidden link that was created for blogging whereby it was pointing to the main website other blogs in that layer. It was an in- direct layer that created hundreds of backlinks which are in the direct layer, this being a very clever idea of getting links thereby passing juice, and making the site not to look like it has spam. Because of google tenacity this technology was assessed by google. And it’s not functional anymore. With all these new technology google as implemented to track and find out such links its has become a cat and mouse game with google, and the best man is winning who is google.

All such websites created using these techniques always perform so well, because of these  links which are enhanced to deliver the best option to the sites. They enhance the visitors coming to your site and it’s up to you to know how to lower the bounce rate positively without google being notified of any wrong doing. Please don’t try using these techniques because they are now useless and nothing much will come from the ineffective links. Having seen about all the techniques that google netted, you should try and seek proper links which are not deemed unethical by google.


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