Helpful Strategies to Improve WordPress for SEO and better User Experience

Is WordPress good for SEO or not? Well, this must be the same question among all se optimizers. Well, this is true that wordpress is one of the most popular content management system and have been readily accepted by many bloggers. However, just downloading and installing wordpress won’t help much for your site to become a successful one. Apart from that, you need to follow these tips and facts to improve your WordPress site for seo and user experience.


So, follow these guidelines to improve your wordpress for SEO:

Remove these WordPress Defaults: Some of the default items are there in wordpress which just makes your site to look cluttered simply. The top items to remove from wordpress site are “Hello World”, “Sample Page”. While your site is still in development stage, then it is Ok. But, once it is live, make sure that you remove them and you can even delete them in order to make your site even less cluttered. Apart from this, you would also get a category called “Uncategorized”. That is also not needed. You can add a category which is more relevant and can set it as default if you want. You can do that by navigating to Posts >> Categories.

Setting your Permalinks: Well, this is true that the default permalink isn’t an efficient URL structure for SEO. So, changing it to post name is usually the best practice for SEO. So, setting it to post name would surely help and would improve your SEO too.

Get some Updating Services: When new pages and posts are created, it takes a lot of time for the new URL to get indexed by search engines and get it visible in search results page. Well, to speed up this, wordpress offers you the chance to add update service with general settings page. Doing this, it would help you to send automatic pings to search engines whenever new updates such as new pages or blog posts have been added to your site. For a much longer list, you can find even few more with
Hence, having your site indexed is definitely the most important thing. As soon as your site get indexed and shown in the search results page, the more amounts of organic visitors will be found at your site. Not getting it indexed will simply loose a large mass of organic search opportunities. So, getting it indexed is even easier with WordPress.


Get Familiar with Google Analytics: Managing a site without some form of tracking is really very difficult. So, Google Analytics comes up with a free feature and therefore you can easily implement without getting any excuse to it. Creating an analytics profile is easy and installs it for wordpress would surely help. This plugin makes it easy for you to connect your profile to WordPress without using copy & paste. At the same time, you must ensure that you enable best seo company site search in your analytics profile because that is also very important at the same time.

Having analytics for your site is definitely a boon for your site. It provides useful data for your site and also completes a number of different tasks such as locating 404 pages, how long a visitor have been visiting your site, keyword analysis and its priority as accordingly. It also makes it easier to add more functionality such as tracking users by username which is useful for ecommerce sites.

Therefore, by adjusting to these default settings and making some tweaks like setting up analytics, adding pinging service, setting up permalinks and so on will surely help and greatly improve your WordPress site for better SEO as well as user experience.

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