6 Best Hot Investment Tips for Bloggers

Bloggers are making good amount of money everyday online. I just read of a 14 years old boy who is making $5000 monthly from his 4 months old blog. Anytime I read of testimonies like this I always ask myself this question, “what next?” Just because you make a 6 figure income from your blog does not guarantee you a secure financial future.


Every wise and smart blogger need to convert his riches to wealth by investing. Riches is cash, wealth is asset. Riches can be lost easily but not wealth. A blogger with plenty money is rich but not wealthy until he invests. Here are some tips to help you invest your monthly earnings for a secured financial destiny. Only investments guarantee financial freedom and security.

1.       Live below your means

This does not necessarily mean sacrifices. It only means you should not spend in excess, that may lead you to debts and unnecessary burdens.

2.       Be financially Literate

Get educated financially, don’t sock yourself only in your niche and forget about this aspect of your finances. The more you know about money and it operations the better for you. Buy financial books, read financial blogs attend seminars and talk with professionals in this field. Only those who really understand money will be able to use it for their benefit and for the benefit of their generations. Money is a field of study on it own that all bloggers need to spare some time to learn about. It is not how much you make that matters but how much you are able to invest for yourself and for generations to come.

3.       Make a budget

If you don’t like the word budget call it a plan. Don’t spend carelessly, spend within your income get disciplined on this and you will be able to save monthly and invest also.

4.       Get Goals

You can buy books that can help you do this well. Financial goals will give you a direction and focus on what you really want and the motivation to stay alive and pursue bigger dreams.

5.       Learn how the game is played

The game of investments is something most bloggers know nothing about. Sit down to study the investment game, any one can learn it, it is not a rocket science course. We have all the needed materials online and off line to help anyone who is interested to learn this easily. Don’t just jump into investing without getting yourself schooled on how things work here or else you might get your hand burnt.

6.       Think long term

Long term investments pay most. Don’t be in a hurry to double your investment over might it will only lead you into wrong hands or lose a fortune. There are no quick-money schemes. When it comes to investing only patient, persistent, smart and financially literate folks succeeded in the investment world. Won’t you like to join then today?

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Kevin Ashwe is a financial literacy blogger.He writes to empower and equip his readers to become financially smart and intelligent,so that they will be smart enough to take the right financial decisions.He also blogs at, make money blog


D-Techz is an admin at techybloggerz and a part time blogger who love technology and likes to try on new stuff especially something that related to computers, gadgets, and games. Technology always comes as long as you follow them:)

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