How Advertisers can be Attracted to your Blog

A major source of revenue today for many blogs is through advertisement. Advertisements are a major plus for the readers since apart from the relatively up-to-date content, they also get to know what is new through the contextual ads. With Adsense, google and Chitika, getting advertisement has been made so easy,  you don’t just get any advertisement but you get the right advertisement in relation to your content. More money can be derived also when you approach business directly to advertise on your blog and also from internet sites like Buy- Sell-Ads. Having a blog does not really guarantee that you will sell advertising space, people and business have to see the benefit they will be getting when they place an ad on your site. So without benefits being conferred to the clients, your site may not end up with any advertisements. In order the acquire advertisers for your site there are three ways that can be used to attract advertisers to your blog, which we shall describe below.

Locate a niche

Running a blog should be taken as a full time job, which entail having done a whole business plan for it drawn, to asses the customers needs, competitor analysis and your competitive edge to acquire a niche for yourself so that you are better placed to have a competitive positioning above others in the same field as you. Most people will only advertise where they feel their product or service will get the necessary attention. Having blogs that have general contents will fail to attract as many people as blogs that are specifically on one area. A good example is if you have a blog that has content specifically dealing with smart phones, it’s very easy for iPhone to advertise on your site since the content is in correlation with their product, and any customer visiting that site will most probably want to buy a smart phone.

Traffic is the second

After realizing and instilling the niche for your site, the second and equally important step should be to create traffic to your site. By saying traffic, we actually mean the number of readers actually visiting your site on a daily basis, if your site is based on a very interesting subject, then on a daily basis you should encounter enough movement in an out of your website. Without any movement on your site then it’s a good as dead, because even if you have a good content, what good is it if its not being seen by anyone. Advertisers are very keen on this figure, since they in fact let them know the reach generated from your site.

Ensure your site has a ranking.

When now you combine the site niche and the site traffic, there is also a significant aspect with should be included in the two to make them effective. Site ranking which is called the Alexa rank, the google page rank, the compete ranks has to be determined for your site. It’s an important signifier or growth. Any potential advertiser can easily check the ranking of your site, and when comparing with a competitor who is better ranked than you, the chances of you clinching the deal become very slim. Google PR is considered the score setters, you should try and rank very well in it.



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