How effective Brand Naming can help you in SEO?

Successful businesses possess powerful branding that inspires customer loyalty but how does branding affect SEO? More importantly, how can it help SEO? Branding and SEO obviously work towards the same goal: generate more revenue by attracting new clients and inspiring existing clients to purchase more frequently. The main way to get more customers (and retain the ones you have) is to instill a sense of trust in your brand. Opting for brand naming agency is one of the best and easiest ways of making sure your product, your promise, and your messages all align…thus creating trust. So, next time whenever a particular customer is looking for a service, your brand is top of mind.

When you think of branding and SEO, you may not be able to link the two. To get a better insight, let us look at what each of their roles in customer acquisition. Typically, SEO is effectually carried out when a prospective customer conducts a search on a search engine page. SEO makes sure your product or service’s website shows for the keywords your potential clients are typing in. The obvious benefit of appearing near the top of customer searches is the generated traffic directly to your website helps procure revenue. In case of branding, its benefits extend beyond mere traffic generation. Being near the top of the SERPs helps with brand recognition and can position your brand name right up against more recognized players in your industry.

Brand strategy is best done by the pros. Opting for a naming agency or brand naming company allows you to focus on your business and frees you from legal nightmares like copyright infringement. Branding improves your company’s message and enhances your online presence while enhancing your performance on the search engines.

Five ways how Branding benefits SEO

Better SERP click through rates

Your brand rating says a lot about you. A recognizable brand name mention in the search results page will get clicked more than unknowns. Think about it: there must have been multiple times you looked for certain information and found it on certain industry centric sites as compared to others. A major reason you have directly opted for this site is that you trust the site and find the given info genuine and relevant. You won’t have to go scouting for information on other sites. The site you have opted for is probably even considered a market leader in its respective field of work.

Improved bounce rates

Brand recognition boosts customer faith: Would you opt for a shaving cream or shampoo you have never heard of? There are bunch loads of users out there who would not, just because they have never heard of such or other items, products or services. On the other hand, if a known shaving or shampoo company comes up with a new range of products, you would definitely opt for them and in the process add up to their sales. The more you stay on a site, the more would search engines like Google take your site as genuine and consider that you satisfy the needs of your visitor. Eventually this facilitates the search engine to rank your site.

More name brand searches

Increased instances of people looking for your brand: When you are looking for KFC, would you click on a web ad for KFC or McDonalds? You will for sure click on KFC. More the people looking for your brand the more the traffic will you garner to your website. Most importantly, site visitors that arrive on brand name searches are more likely to convert into customers.

Brand loyalty means more links

Cultivate a winning brand identity and your customers will market for you. Each Facebook mention, tweet, Stumbleupon mention, Reddit upvote, blog article and YouTube testimonial provides SEO benefit via a diverse and natural link profile.

Google learns your brand

Google the phrase “mattresses”. Notice that the organic results start with major brands and stores related to mattresses. How much would it mean to a new mattress brand if it was included here at the top?


Author Bio: Clayton Tolley is the owner and founder of Brandsymbol, a global naming agency located in Charlotte, NC. Clayton has over 20 years experience working with the world’s top brands.


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