How many visitors qualify me to be a success

This is one of those questions that does not have a right or wrong answer. for some would be experts , asking these questions qualifies you to be on the wrong parth. Whether this is true or false, remains to be seen.

Another misconception, is what most people assume, that if their blog has 10,000.00 impressions  in a month it will automatically equate to earnings of 200 dollars. Talking with someone who has actually had a blog with these figures, he did not receive the 200 dollars a month. Whether it is true again for others is a matter of judgment and cannot be substantiated further.

Earnings will depend on several factors, having a blog or a website should be taken the same as having a conventional business, and all the rules should apply about how to run a successful business. Factors such as the target group, your target market, your advertising, marketing strategy,  financial projections, considering all your competitors and their products have to be taken into account. Other extra factors are also applicable here since you are running a business on the internet.  These will include the web design, the hosting and domain names and other to various to mention in this article.

Taking a look Adsense, these is a business that is generating a lot of income for the right blogger on the web site. Here you get paid per click of ads get. There is no standard figure per click and you could easily get two different amounts per click on the same website. So the more appealing your ads are the more money you can actually receive, even on a daily basis without end.

Now coming back to monetizing your blog. Here new bloggers normally get carried away and start monetizing their sites and end up with a vast clutter of advertisement which render the blog or site useless in the end. For the beginner, he should first concentrate on creating an image for himself and the blog. Having that traffic increasing is what will actually help him when he decided to advertise on his blog.  The advertisement will not just be aimlessly have been put, but will be visible to countless people and hence increased revenue. So take care before you start trying to earn money from it. Remember patients is crucial for the success of your business.

Create useful content that will be just as informative as beneficial to the readers. The content should be fresh every day with different twists and angle to be informative for your readers at large. What this does, is it create clients who keep on coming back for more, especially if the content they read is fresh and unique. The amount of traffic on your site of blog will increase and your rating will go up just as well. Making you more appealing to would be advertisers. And this means the big money and greater success for you.


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