How Other Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day

In Britain, St Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great cheerfulness and fanfare. Unlike in many other countries, the common celebrations of the day have a lot of people expressing love for their beloved with gifts like cards, flowers, chocolates and other exceptional items. The customs of the celebrations of Valentine’s Day differ from different regions of the country but one uniform tradition is the singing of any particular songs by children.
In Italy, Valentine’s Day was at a time celebrated as a Spring Festival. It used to be held in the open air, where young people would gather in brightly decorated gardens to read poetry and listen to music.
In Denmark, Valentine’s day is mostly a day for the young. It is a time for exchanging love tokens and romance. The festival here is celebrated in a very conservative manner. Young people send to their love ones a valentine card on this day. The Danish valentine card is famously known as a “lover’s card”. Earlier, these came in the form of transparent cards which, when kept before light, reflected the picture of a lover handing over a wonderful present to his loved one.
In Canada and the United States, Valentine’s Day is particularly  avery popular festival. Here, this day is observed as a holiday. Initially this day was held to honor St Valentine and show love to sweethearts, the scope of this day has become so widened that it has now become an occasion to express love and gratitude to not only spouses and sweethearts, but also to parents, teachers or any other close relation or acquaintance.
Here, Valentine’s Day is observed on February 14 but the festivity of love truly ends on March 14, known as the “White Day”. On the first date, women present gifts or chocolates to the men they love to show their feelings. Gifting chocolates is a distinctive way to celebrate Valentine’s day in Japan for chocolate is the most fashionable gift in the country. However most Japanese ladies believe that store-bought chocolate is not a gift of true love.
The Valentine’s Day celebrations in Korea is quite similar to the Japanese Valentine’s festival. As in Japan, Korea witnesses gifting of candies and chocolates from females to males. The same is done by the men on March 14, which is referred to as “White Day” akin to the custom in Japan. But “White Day” here is a Valentine’s day in its own right as many young men declare their love for the first time to their sweethearts.
The German celebration of Valentine’s Day is almost the same as elsewhere in the world. For Germans, the festival is a celebration of love and a time to spend with their sweethearts. In Germany, it is a traditional for a young man to present his sweetheart or loved one with flowers on February 14. Valentine gifts in Germany are more often than not in the shape of love tokens, inclusive of love messages.




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