How Project Glass Is Set To Break Records in the Technology Industry

It seems that since the last few years Google has lost its way. Google is no more known as a search engine, it has now turned ion to a company that is into a quite dominating position in the tech world. It has introduced a line of products and most of them have either become flop show and finally went into oblivion. But since last year the scenario has change towards good with the company decided to concentrate on its core products. Project glass is the first example of such decision. Project glass can be considered as the future of Google. It might not be a product that will earn billions of dollars but it can make the future of Google bright.

The name ‘Project Glass’ has been given by Google to a pair of glasses, which are not at all an ordinary accessories. You need to wear the glass and place the command you wish. This device falls into the category named wearable computing. The term has been used by tech giants. It is a result of a research and development program conducted by Google. The intention was to create an augmented reality HMD (Head-mounted Display). This product will currently be available to the I/O developers based only in USA. And a customer has to shell out $1500 to get the device by early 2013.


One of the main intentions to develop such device was to display all the information to its user through a hands free device, which is in many ways similar to that of a smartphone. The project glass also facilitates the users with the opportunity of interacting through the Internet using natural language voice commands. The entire process is done in such a way that that it can be compared to Siri, a feature that is available only in iPhone launched in the mobile world by Apple. The operating system that has been used in the project glass is Android, a very popular operating system developed by Google himself.


The project was started in April in the year 2012. Sergey Brin, the computer scientist and the co-founder of Google wore a set of prototype glasses in a Foundation Fighting blindness occasion in 5th April 2012. Later according to a renowned newspaper report the glasses will be available for the users across the world by the end of the year 2012 at a cost, which is equal to a smartphone. But later it was reported that there is no chance that the public can reach the glass anytime soon. Google has taken the patent of design of the project glass.


Before you get a glimpse of this latest device produced by Google you should have some prior idea related to this device. Have you ever imagined that you can operate a small gadget even without touching the device? Once the project glass will be introduced to the market your dream will become true.  It will certainly going to change the way of our living and lifestyle. This device will help you to locate our nearest coffee shops or shopping malls or the places where you can hang out with your friends. It even helps you to find a particular section such as garments or book section in a huge shopping mall. To be precise, you can expect to have an entire smart hone into this tiny device which can help you to attend or make call or send and receive message, listen to music only with a single click.

Despite so many qualities and hard work by Google, this latest device is not free from criticism. Most of the critics have targeted the general notion of this project glass that ranges from inserting advertising by Google and many more.

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