How to Block Numbers from Texting on Android Phones

Android phones provide a wide assortment of functions to the android users. These include services which are beyond the mainstream function of making and receiving calls and those of sending and receiving text messages. The range of functions that can be achieved even grows as more and more apps are developed for use on android.

With focus on how to block numbers from texting on android, this is a function which can be achieved in different ways. Receiving unsolicited texts, spam texts, marketing texts and text from strangers can be a sickening experience and a nuisance. The only reprieve to this problem is blocking the numbers from which the texts emanate from.

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Some of the methods used to block numbers from texting an android phones may include the use of apps made available on Google Play or with the help from your carrier. The use of apps may attract some costs especially if it is a paid app. The most popular free apps used to block numbers which send unwanted texts are SMS filter and Hand cent apps.


Block Numbers from Texting
For the service provider/carrier option, an android phone user seeking to block a number from texting should consult with the phone carrier. They will avail information and other details. They will as well effect the desired action where applicable towards blocking unwanted texts from a phone number.

For text blocking apps, here are the procedures on how to block numbers from texting on android phones.

For the SMS Filter app
• Search for the SMS Filter app on Google Play, download it and install the app.
• Open the app
• Add the number you intend to block in the text box at the top of the screen.
• Finally, tap on add to condemn the number to the blacklist. This sees to it that unwanted messages are no longer bothering you.


For the Handcent App
• Find and download the Handcent app from Google Play. Install the app on your android phone.
• Open to launch the Handcent app.
• Tap and hold for a few seconds on the unwanted text message.
• From the menu list that appears, tap on the ‘Blacklist’ option.
• Finally tap on OK to confirm the action. The number which sent the unwanted message will be blacklisted.
It is now the responsibility of an individual android phone user to choose the method which will work best for him or her. These are just but three of the most common methods on how to block numbers from texting on android phones. There are the paid apps as well as a host of other methods which can be used to block numbers from texting on android. Score the internet for the best method to use and which achieves the highest level of success.

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