How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider for your Business

Cloud computing is still a long way away before it becomes fully acceptable to most, though some users are into it totally. Majority of users, however, are yet to repose full faith in them for various reasons. The principal concern for most users is security, though there are various other unresolved issues related to it. Some of those already using the system are still keeping data in other locations as well which is a sign that not all users consider them reliable.

On Deciding the Need for Cloud Computing

When businesses depend on cloud computing totally, they are at the mercy of cloud service providers. If cloud computers fail irrecoverably, then, your business too will follow the same fate. There is simply no way to rebuild all the data from scratch, and if at all it can be done, the cost attached to it may be simply crippling. That is the reason why businesses are keeping their fingers crossed and assessing the situation with a lens.

Those who are using cloud service are doing it with some kind of in-house backup, but that defeats the very purpose of cloud computing – saving on storage devices and providing accessibility in remote locations. To reap the benefits of cloud computing therefore, businesses should either embrace it fully or not use it all. If you are one of those who want to go fully cloud, you need to assess your service provider diligently and that includes assessing – trustworthiness of the provider and their technical prowess.

On Assessing Your Cloud Service Provider

  • When making an assessment see who is behind the company and for how long they are in operation. Generally a cloud service provider with years of exposure in internet related businesses stands a better chance of providing you will services than a late entrant. Established providers will charge you a little more, but that remember, will give you peace of mind and satisfaction.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking your cloud service provider about their hardware and resource persons working for them. If they are outsourcing resource persons or hardware, then you will have reasons to doubt their integrity. A company with large technical pool and matching hardware is a must to decide in their favor.
  • Check to see if they have a reputed third-party auditor assessing their working. Neutral auditing ensures strict compliance with laid out procedures. A good bet is a provider that is audited by some government organization. Also check how often the audits are conducted, and ask for the latest audit report.
  • Ask the provider to give you an emergency management program that they must be having. If they don’t have one, you need to think twice about hiring their services. Let not low price decide your selection process from asking for a crisis management program.
  • Check to see if they have documented every important issues pertaining to pricing, crisis management, inspection, recruitment and procedures. Also check their standard Service Level Agreement document. If it is too full of evasive clauses, it is sign they won’t accept responsibility in the event of things turning sour.

These are simply the major points you need to consider. The best is to consult someone of course; someone who is already using the service provider. Nothing works like word of mouth.


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