How to destroy your Blog with SEO Mistakes

For well and greatly written blog to sell one must know of your existence. That’s the reason why bloggers had been trying to figure out ways to get to the top of the search engine results, ever since the early days when search engines were first introduced. Being at the top usually guarantees more traffic to the blog and this is the essence of SEO.

Today there are tons of tips easily available on how to improve your SEO. However there are unethical tricks which should be avoided that some bloggers use to try to increase their sites ranking. This article takes a look at what you should NOT be doing.

Search engines conduct searches based on keywords requested by users and attempt to match them with appropriate sites. This led to “keywords stuffing” by bloggers a technique that used to be very popular technique many years ago. The idea is to get as many keywords, albeit some being unrelated, stuffed into the post. Other ways include camouflaging keywords in the same color as the site’s background as well as reducing the font size to very small.

This trick will eventually be caught by search engine bots and the site removed from the index. And to avoid this just sprinkle your keywords and make sure they make sense.

Cloaking is another trick some webmasters used to show separate content to the search engine crawlers and to the site visitors. It was meant to increase the sites ranking through the usage of targeted keywords and then misled search users to click on their link. Today search engines are pretty smart and will detect it sooner or later and ban the site. To avoid cloaking one should create quality posts with well researched information in order to earn your visitors respect and don’t destroy your hard work by being impatient!

Link Buying: Was popular and still is where it is used as a tool to improve their own sites ranking. If detected search engines would not take it into consideration when calculating the ranking. It has been reported that they have even banned sites because of this. Though not all are being caught but it pays not to take the risk. Instead the money should be invested in other more effective Marketing Strategies

Links Swapping: This includes exchanging links so as to raise page ranking but today it’s not so effective anymore in raising your page ranking. Search engines just don’t take much note of it in their search algorithms, and if done too much they will de-index your page instead get another credible site to link yours without you needing to link them back.

SEO these days is more about creating a more informative and relevant surfing experience for your readers.

Numerous Advertisements: Google created an update at the beginning of January 2012 which arrived with penalization of web sites with too many ads above the page without scrolling. For individuals with advertisements that are uncertain as to whether or not they have too many, you can use Google’s Browser Size tool to examine their site.



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