How to Efficiently Optimize Your Backlinks in Blogging

Creating backlinks is a very important SEO practice which every blogger must know. However, you will not be able to learn it in one day. Effort is required to be able to create wonderful backlinks and therefore draw traffics to your site.

Of course, you should know the amount of benefit you will have by dragging much traffic to your site. This is truly what every blogger seek to achieve. If creating backlinks will help you to achieve this, then it is very important to learn it.

Deep Links

Your link building strategy should be incorporated throughout your site and not just in one page. You should be able to provide links in every destination to essentially optimize your site. Building deep links seems to be more important in blogging than other form of website available.

Anchor text

Anchor texts are very important in search engine optimization. It is important that your anchor text portrays the content of your page. Anchor texts in your page should be altered so as to make your page very relevant and also rank high in the search engine.

However, Google frowns at over optimization. If the anchor text has more than 50 percent resemblance to the linked text, then it is charged with over optimization and the result is the low ranking of your site.

Indirect linking

You do not necessarily have to point links to your page. Indirect linking is a backlink process that helps to boost your page by pointing to another site. Your site is the object but it points to another source. This might help you to solve the problem of site over optimization.

Engage in conversation

The role of conversation in link building cannot be overemphasized. Conversation informs your audience that you have them in your mind. Good conversation is a secret that must be applied if you want audience that would rely on you.

You can use different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and lots more to interact with your audience and thus provide what they want.

The dangers of SEO spams

Practices like spamming, link-exchange networks and lots more can mar your image as a blogger; you should avoid them. You should be able to build links and use organic methods to attract traffic to your site. It is better to consult experts in the field of blogging to help you with the essential details on how to attain to the pedestal.

Device your own tactics

If you will be able to device your own backlink tactic, then it will be easier to optimize your site. You can device how to combine long-tail keywords in order to get good search engine ranking.

However, you should play within the line to avoid being penalized by Google. Wrong SEO practices were the reasons why Google released panda and penguins to attack websites. You may think that the era of panda and penguin is gone, but that is not true. Google still develops strategies to demote low quality sites and promote good ones.



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