How To Export Your Instagram Photos In 123 Steps

It is no more a news that Facebook has finally bought Instagram and the whole world has already knew where everything is now going after the takeover process. But, some fractions of the public that are mostly concerned about the move are not in good mood about the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook because majority of them doesn’t use Facebook.


So, if you are planning on exporting your photos from Instagram, I have a guide here to show you how to export your data in simple one two three steps without hassle.

As revealed by TAL, there is a service called Instaport, the service is the one that you can use to export your instagram photos unto your computer in .zip format which means, if facebook deleted your photos, you’d still have something to fall back on that allowing that to occur unprepared.

Instaport is a nice application that was designed mainly for exporting Instagram data’s from their service to your computer’s memory.  In the next line of text below, I shall be sharing with you the steps to follow to export your data.

How to export your photo from Instagram Now!

Exporting Instagram photo is a bit easy, just follow my steps and you are there already.

Step 1: Go to Instaport.ME and login your details there. Before you can use this service, you will need toprovide your instagram details.

Step 2: After you might have entered your instagram login details into the box provided, then proceed to login.

Step 3: You will also need to authenticate the app before it can log you in into your instagram account before you can then download your photos.

Step 4: If you that one successfully, then, select which photos you wanted to export in these variations: photos other liked, all photos, X-days photos and some other variations.

Step 5: If you do that very well, the next thing for you to do is to start exporting your data from their server.

Step 6: Click on Export  and the download will be executed immediately. The file would be downloaded unto your computer’s hard drives immediately.

How To View Your Photos

To view your photos via your computer, simply double-click the file download into your PC and select EXTRACT if you have WinZip on your PC so that the file can be extracted unto your hard drive. Then from there, you can start previewing the images or if you want to print it, you can also do that easily.

Hope you enjoy these step by step guides? Please share your comment and if you have tips to be added to this post, please add them below so that we can talk more and learn more.

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