How to Fix and Repair Msmpeng?

MSMPENG.EXE is a process file which belongs to Microsoft Security Essentials. It creates a lot of problem when there is a process conflict with other programs. It also creates problem when the updates are missing or some of its dependency files become corrupt. Let us see what this file actually does and how it can be taken care off during problems.


MSMPENG is a small exe file responsible for real time scanning and maintain constant check for network communications from and to the computer system. It comes as a default antivirus for many OEM systems. This program works with Windows defender and has been customized to work efficiently for windows based systems. It can also check for major system changes and neutralize any online threat.

Problem with MSMPENG

The main problem with this program is that it regularly keeps a background detection system active and hence consumes for memory during the process. As you start you system and continue to work all day long the buffer accumulates and by the end of the day the system starts to show lower performance level.

We tried cleaning the temporary files and removing all unwanted files from the cache but the problem persisted. So we decided to run a quick troubleshooting module to handle this situation. This is discussed below in details.

Troubleshooting MSMPENG.EXE

There are many ways to solve the problems arising out of MSMPENG.EXE. The most effective way is to give it what it wants – Update the program. As soon as the program gets update we found lower memory usage and the performance of our system was back to normal. This does not imply that you will not be bothered with the same problem again. If you are unable to provide update for this program you will have to face the same problem again. So the next suggestion will work effectively for you.

Disable real time detection. This is quite tricky when it comes to end users point of view. If you are advanced users you can easily toggle between the security aspects as per the requirement but for non geeky people this becomes a very confusing task. So if you are a non techie person please use the other solution mentioned below.

Do not store much data on the root drive. The system drive is monitored for vulnerabilities all the time. So if you have a large file or folder in this drive, the time required to scan the same will take more time and this will gradually consume more memory during the process. Move such files to another directory and set the path to “Exception” list in the Antivirus settings.

Also if you have a large dump of rar or zip files in your system the scanning time required by Security Essentials is more. So it is advisable to pass protect them and also list them to the exception list in the type of files to scan in the Antivirus settings.

Final Solution

If everything fails you can decide to dump this program and find the alternatives available. The best suggestion would be to go for ESET not Antivirus or AVG free version.


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