How to Get More Google Places Reviews: Easy, Effective Methods for Any Business

Google Places has become a great tool for ambitious business owners. The search service displays reviews more prominently now than it ever has, which means more users are likely to see comments and ratings related to your company. There is no denying the value of a third party review. They can make or break a business, which is why your company can’t ignore this potentially profitable online tool. The following methods will help you come up with more ways to get great Google Places reviews!

Turn to Your Loyal Customers

Your existing customers already like you, so why not ask them to help you out?  Let your current customer base know that your company is available on Google Places. There are a few ways to do this. You can hang a sign in your shop or storefront. You should also post a link to your profile on any social media pages you maintain as well as your website.images

You can ask for a review immediately after a purchase. Some stores will hand customers a card while others print the Google Places review information directly on the receipt. Online stores can include the necessary details on shipping notifications and other emails.

Link QR Codes to Your Google Places Page

Many people love to use QR codes. They are extremely easy and accessible, especially as more consumers switch to smartphones. Link your QR code to your Google Places page. The beauty of this approach is that it is about as simple as it gets for your customers. Rather than going home, getting on their computer and looking for you on Google Places, they can jump right to your page on their phone and submit a review right away.

Showcase Existing Google Places Reviews

Show customers that you appreciate their reviews by featuring a few of them on your website and in your store. If you are tech savvy or have a developer to work with, you may be able to build a window to display recent reviews on your homepage.  Another option is to create a video of reviews with music that can be displayed on the site. Reviews can also be printed on a poster or flier and hung in your store or hand written on a dry erase board.  Customers will love seeing their comments on display. New customers will be more inclined to post a Google Places review when they see that you really pay attention and make a point to share their comments.

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