How to get more views on your blog

Many people who write a blog often say to them self ‘what’s the point? I’m not getting many views.’ This can be down to a number of reasons which will be explained throughout this article.
The first tip sounds obvious, but making your blog easy to follow builds much more awareness.
Make sure that there is a follow widget on view as much as possible. When your followers click this, they will receive a notification every time you post or see your posts in their reader. This creates a much higher chance that your blog will be re-visited by that particular user.

A second to make a successful blog is to encourage a dialogue with the readers. Engaging with users is a great way to get views as they can then discuss their views on the topic with you and start interesting debates. In your posts, encourage people to make a comment. Also, you MUST make sure to reply to any comments left by others as this continues the conversation which engages more users. A great way to get people to comment is by asking follow up questions at the end of the post, for example ‘what’s the best place you’ve ever eaten at?’
Posting frequently, regularly and in a set routine, is another typical way of capturing people’s attention. Frequent and regular posts make the reader always want to come back for that little bit more and when set to a routine, they also know exactly when the next post will be blogged. Posting twice a day, one post at 12:00 and another at 17:00 is a great example of this.

Letting friends know about your blog via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many other social networking sites works like a chain reaction, let me explain. If one friend starts reading your blog and likes it, they may refer it again onto another friend, who may refer it onto another friend and so on, you get the idea. There are also many social tools out there which can post to your feed whenever you update your blog.
Making you posts indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, makes your posts visible when people make a search for something specific. You should set your blog privacy settings to make it visible to all search engines. The internet is full of theories as to how you can raise your post’s visibility in search rankings; however none will compete against the good quality original content with well chosen and researched tags.

Some web applications offer a service which can guarantee to bring visitors to your posts with rates starting at as little as 10cents per post. After publishing a great post and in need of good feedback, doing this is a really good way to get started!
Companies that are in search of broader distribution of their posts, including retrieving exclusive content in front of journalists, may want to try services from specific companies.


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