How to Get Rid of a Trojan Virus

A Trojan virus is a virus that can impact various files around your computer. It may look like a legitimate item but it is actually something that can steal data from your computer and infect files. You need to understand how to get rid of a Trojan virus if you are going to keep your computer safe.


Antivirus Programs are Necessities

You have to use antivirus programs to keep your computer safe. A professionally made and marketed product could be used to help you out with taking a look at your computer. It can analyze your computer’s files to see if there is a Trojan virus on there. Your program needs to work with the following:

  • A thorough scan that handles all files, not just a quick scan
  • The most recent virus definitions
  • A procedure to quarantine any infected files so you can remove them

Check Your Task Manager

In some cases a Trojan virus could cause your computer to start running various applications in the background without you knowing about them. These could be programs that send your data out to someone else in some cases. You have to get your task manager checked by doing the following things for your computer:

  • You have to use the appropriate keystrokes to open up your task manager. Hitting Control, Alt and Delete at the same time usually works.
  • You have to analyze the names of the programs that are running and see if there are any that should not be there.
  • Write down the names of anything running without your permission. You should uninstall anything that is running like this through the control panel on your computer.

Check Your Hard Drive

You should also see if your hard drive is being impacted by anything. Sometimes the files that might be in your Trojan horse could be found in your computer’s explorer menu. You may need to identify the files that have to be deleted by removing old items from your computer. It may be best to check online to see what files are included in a Trojan horse to see what you should be looking for and targeting.

Don’t forget to also see if there have been any changes to your registry. Sometimes this could influence the way how your computer can work to get your computer to run well.

What Errors Do You Have?

Be sure to identify any errors or messages that keep popping up on your computer. You might have to look online to see what you should be doing to get rid of these problems because they are often signs of Trojan horses. You have to go to a different computer to get this information though. This is so you can actually get something covered the right way.

You have to use these considerations if you want to get rid of a Trojan horse. The process of how to get rid of a Trojan horse should not be hard to do if you use the right procedure for getting it taken care of.

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