How to Get Started with Twitter Filters

Come Monday, and Twitter has come up with a photo filter very similar to the one provided by Instagram. This happened after the two social media broke up on their earlier relationship sometime back. Earlier, photos used to be in Twitter itself, but now what you will see in the new form is just links to photos. That means you will be opening the browser every time you want to view a photo. That Twitter has formally announced its own filter app is welcome news for many ardent users.

The speed with which Twitter came up with an app to take on Instagram indicates that things were not going the right way between the two. It is also no-luck for those who thought that with Instagram out, pictures in Twitter are not going to be the same again. As someone used to working with Instagram, you may want to know what is in store for you. Getting started with Twitter filters is not going to be a difficult task considering that the two have a lot in common. Except for some minor changes, you will find the going just as easy as with Instagram’s app.

Twitter’s filter comes from its partner Aviary and works on Android phones. Some of the features are new and you can edit and refine photos in lot better ways. It works on the iPhone too and the important point to note is, you don’t have to leave Twitter to do your photo manipulation and return to carry on with the activities at hand.

Twitter’s new feature has eight filters that range from monochrome (white and black) down to the vintage to give you a pleasing experience. They will give you all that feel-good effect you have always wanted in your photos. In what Twitter calls the bird’s eye view, you can have a peek at what your final photos will look like in a grid like arrangement. That means comparing one filter form against the other is going to be a very easy affair. If you don’t consider that as convenient enough, you can swipe and make comparisons and settle for the best filter.

A notable feature you will like about Twitter’s filter is that you can use crop and pinch to zoom for framing your photos. That means focusing is going to get easier than ever before. You don’t have to be an expert photo editor to bring life to your photos; just tap the wand and everything else will be taken care of.

Having the filter in Tweeter gives you that little advantage over and above the photo attachment abilities that Twitter gave its users in June 2011. And not to stop at that, Twitter users can now tweet using photos stored in other services as well. Still another advantage is you can preview your photos in Discover and Search.

The filter update has been released in Google Play and the App Store. If you are interested and want to learn more about the filter from Twitter, visit: and watch the video. You sure will love it for what it can do for your photos.


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