How to Install Aglet Software(tahiti server) in Windows


  1. You must have java installed on your windows pc If not then download it from Here.
  2.  Prefer to install it in c:\java
  3. Download Apache ant server from Here.

 Installing ant server

Extract Downloaded File in “drive C:” and rename it as “ant”(without quotes  of course).

Download Aglet Software Developemnt kit from Aglet Sofware.

Now its time to install Software Development Kit.And here you how you go for it.

Installing Aglet Software Development kit:

  1. Extract the downloaded file to ‘C’ drive of your pc and rename it as “aglets“.
  2. Open c:\aglets\bin and edit “ant.bat” and “agletsd.bat”, file by right clicking on it and selecting edit option.
  3. On the top of “ant.bat” and “agletsd.bat” type

set AGLET_HOME=C:\aglets

set JAVA_HOME=c:\java\jdk1.6.0

Note-Type the name of your jdk folder in java folder instead of jdk1.6.0

4.   Now again run cmd and goto “c:\aglets\bin”

 5.   Type “ant install-home”. This will copy file in windows directory  which                 tahiti can access later.

6.     Now type agletsd it will open tahiti window,like the screenshot below.


 Password :aglets

Press Enter and  It will open tahiti interface.


That’s all.. Hope you understand all the steps.


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