How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Today when we say keep your smartphone safe, it is not just one item or commodity that you are securing, in fact it is a lot more. The phone itself may not be that valuable, however if your phone is lost then with it goes a lot of information and data, among which is a lot of information which can be used against you, and can threaten your security if it finds itself in the wrong hands. For example, if you are using a mapping application such as OVI or Google maps, these apps could potentially give out information about where you live, or where you most frequently are or where you have been in the past.

Smartphone threats are present in all forms and sizes, and are all out there to do harm in a variety of ways, if someone physically gains access to your phone and goes through your email which has letters from the bank regarding your account, or if someone uses spyware or a key logger to gain access to your phone, from where they access your mail and breach the same information. In both situations the end result is the same but attained in two different manners, when securing your phone you need to try and make sure it is safe from the majority of threats out there.

One of the best, and most obvious ways in which you can secure both your phone as well as all the information which is on it, is by securing it physically. Making sure it doesn’t get lost, or gets stolen from you cuts down the threats phenomenally, it’s a lot harder to gain access to your information on your phone remotely, but if the thief has the phone itself, it would be easier. Making sure your phone is safely in your pocket, not leaving it outside for everyone to see and hence attracting a potential petty crook or keeping your bag zipped up if you are carrying it in there.

However in the case that your phone has been lost or stolen from you, one of the very basic things that will be keeping your phone safe is the phone lock that you should have in place. Much like the auto keypad lock which was found on cell phones, the phone lock will have a set timer, if the phone is left idle for a certain period of time which has been specified by the lock timer the phone will lock itself. In order to use it again you will need a password, code, key or even a pattern to unlock the phone and use it. The kind of lock which applied is dependent on the phone itself and which platform it is running, other than that the phone lock feature is found on all major smart phone operating systems. IPhone usually have the four digit code which is used to unlock the device, where as Android features the pattern lock in which you assign a pattern on a 3×3 grid as the password and Blackberry sets a password.

During the time that your phone goes missing and the person who has stolen it is trying to bypass the phone lock there is another thing that you can do which will really help, remote wipe. Through remote wipe you can wipe of all data from your smartphone if it goes missing, this will delete contacts, messages, pictures and nearly all the data you may have stored on the handset. Yes in the case that you find your phone later you would have lost all your data but at least the information doesn’t end up somewhere it shouldn’t be.

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