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Kindle Publishing for Blogs

This guide explains how to send an RSS feed of your blog to Amazon in less than 10 minutes and make it available in the Kindle Store within a day or two. Not only do you see your blog on a device widely used, but as a blogger you may also earn above.

Kindle Store

In reality, the latter apparently does not extend to residents of Italy as the only bank account that accepts Amazon is the USA. However, I created a profile for this blog and even if you do not earn anything, I think is worthwhile to consider the matter.

For the record, Amazon sets a price for the monthly subscription on which the blogger earns 30%. So I am not advising you to register your blog to make money, but to offer your readers the opportunity to access content using a platform with ample room for growth .

Why make your blog visible on the Kindle Store? With a recent press release , Amazon has revealed that in the month of December 2011 were purchased more than 1 million Kindle devices per week. In Italy have been added over 50,000 books within a few days after the launch of the Kindle .

Not all browsers support ” Kindle Publishing for Blogs ‘. To date the only ones are Firefox or Internet Explorer. You must then enter the following data:

  1. The RSS feed of your blog.
  2. The blog name and description.
  3. A screenshot of the blog (screenshot).
  4. The image of the logo.
  5. A tagline (the motto of your blog).
  6. A list of keywords to help people find your blog in the Kindle Store.
  7. Your bank with which Amazon will deposit your earnings (U.S. only).

To approve your subscription request to “Kindle Publishing for Blogs’, Amazon takes 48/72 hours. From your control panel, you will be able to see the number of entries to the blog.

Why would anyone pay to read a blog when the same content is available for free online?Kindle users seem to agree to pay for convenience. The device is purchased mainly for reading books but also the contents of a blog as the reading is very enjoyable and less tiring .

If you are a WordPress user, create a Google Account in order to use the Feedburner address of your blog.

Although it might seem foolish now register on the “Kindle Publishing for Blogs’, I believe we must look ahead and the rise of the Kindle.

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