How to optimize and Rank your blog?

As we know that, World Wide Web has a significance importance in our life. Nowadays, people create different blogs and post the information on the internet. We are quite familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. In order to get Google Page Rank and blog optimization, people use SEO techniques. But the question arises, why there is a need to optimize our blogs? In this article, we will answer this question and would let you know the different ways by the help of which, you can optimize your blogs.

How to rank your blog

Need to optimize our blogs:

The personal blogs which we create are publically visible to others. There is a solid chance that people may send/leave their feedback/opinion after reviewing your post. The more famous your blog will be more bloggers/website owners will be attracted to it. If different bloggers/website owners try to promote their sites via your blog, then definitely you can earn some extra money. Similarly, putting proper ads in the site can also help you make a good income.

Let’s discuss some of the methods by which you can optimize and rank your personal blog.

Select a suitable keyword:

The first step of optimizing your blog is to select a suitable keyword for your blog. And we have to make sure it’s there in the content as well as in blog title. Key phrases or keywords should be the best to optimize your personal blog. You can easily get keywords by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool External. This helps you in choosing your keywords by showing you global and local (depending on the chosen location) monthly search volume.

Do Proper On-Page Optimization:

After selecting a suitable keyword for your blog, your next task is to do proper on-page optimization; it includes setting the Meta tags, which include the title, description and keywords tag (rarely used now). You also need to put proper header tags according to the content and then given keyword. Another important thing in the onpage optimization is the content, you should have a very well versed and proper content, it should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes and it should be readable by anyone. You should make sure that the page is loading fast enough, because slower web pages means Google will rank you lower than sites which are faster than yours.

Do Proper Off-Page Optimization:

After done with on-page optimization, you should be prepared to get into the off-page optimization, you have to get back links, social media presence and drive traffic through that as well as rank higher. The back links should be from Good quality sites, they should have a proper anchor texts around your main keyword (avoid same anchor text over and again). You should also focus on social media and try to create a good social response for your site, as with time Google is taking the social signals into consideration.

Give Professional look to your blog:

Your blog should have a professional look. For this, you will need to have a good professional theme as well as you will have to post quality content on your blog, so that large number of people may be attract towards it thus increasing Your blog should be clean and clear (free from any low quality or duplicate content). If your blog is clean and clear, then it will definitely increase your ranking in Google.

Following the above basic principles, you will most probably come face to face with your competitors and start going higher in ranking. You should keep it clear in mind that the link building process or off-page optimization is a long term process and often linger on for quite long and need good efforts to get to the high rankings.

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