How To Promoting Your Site with Facebook

Connect your site’s feed to your Fan Page:

1. Create a free account at

2. You’ll be asked to connect a social profile – choose to connect your Facebook profile and your Facebook Fan Page

3. Accept the terms to connect your profile

4. If you don’t see a tab for your Facebook Fan Page in your Hoot suite dashboard, click on the Add Social Network option and select Facebook

5. Find your Facebook Fan Page in the list and click to import that stream to your dashboard

6. Click on the little cog icon in the left sidebar for Settings and then select RSS/Atom

7. Click on the + button

8. Enter your site’s RSS feed URL

9. Select your Facebook Fan Page in the drop down box labeled Network to Send Feed Items to

10. Let the feed check every 24 hours

11. Select to show up to 3 posts at a time

12. Leave the other boxes as is and click the Save button

All of your new site posts will automatically be shared on your Facebook Fan Page.

Schedule future posts:

Think of your Facebook Fan Page as a place to build up curated content about your topic. Make it a place of interest for your target audience. To keep the Fan Page active even if you’re not free to post, use Hoot suite’s schedule feature to build up a cycle of status updates that will post to your Fan Page.

1. Bring up Google and search for recent news items and blog posts about your hobby

2. Find 14 pages you’d like to share on your page

3. Bring up your Hoot suite dashboard and click the arrow for the Publisher tool

4. In the first box, use the drop down to select your Facebook Fan Page

5. In the second box to the right enter the URL for the link you want to share in the Add a Link box and click the Shrink button

6. In the larger box labeled Compose Message write a line or two as an interesting comment about the link you’re sharing

7. Click the calendar icon and schedule the post for the future

8. Schedule two posts a day for the next week with one post in the mid-morning and one for mid-afternoon

Periodically add large images:

You can’t share large photos through Hoot suite without an upgrade for another service but you can manually upload large images throughout the week.

1. Once every few days, log into Facebook and upload a new photo related to your niche

Interact with others:

The more you interact with others on Facebook, the more activity you can create around your own page. You WANT Likes. When people like your page, it shows up in their timeline for their friends to see. Their friend’s mayfollow the link to your page to check it out and may also like it which exposes it to their friends. See how this works?

You don’t need to buy Likes, though. Those are bot likes that are untargeted and won’t lead to more likes from real people.

1. Like related Fan Pages

a. Enter your hobby in the search bar at the top of Facebook

b. Click the Pages option to see more Pages results

c. Visit the Pages that come up in the results and if they’re active and look like they’d be of interest to your target audience, like the Fan Page

2. Like items on related Fan Pages

a. Scan the status updates on the related Fan Pages and click the Like button underneath interesting posts

b. If others commented on the item and they had an interesting comment, click the Like button under that comment

3. Comment on related Fan Pages

a. Scan related Fan Pages for discussions taking place about your niche and add an interesting comment of your own to expose your profile to the audience of that page

4. Respond to comments on your own page

a. If visitors leave a comment on your Fan Page, add a response – even if it’s just to say “Thanks” and click the Like button under that person’s comment

5. Participate in Groups

a. Use the search bar at the top of Facebook to find Groups related to your niche

b. Join any Groups that look active

c. Participate in group discussions

Try to give out 50 Likes per week in total and comment on at least 20 items per week.

Key takeaways for this section

  • Create your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Fill it with some initial posts.
  • Connect your site’s RSS feed to your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Schedule out a week’s worth of Facebook Fan Page status updates using Hoot suite.
  • Periodically upload photos to your site.
  • Periodically like and comment on related Facebook Fan Pages.

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