How to Represent Yourself in Your Own Blog?

Presentation is the much needed skill in today’s era. We are living in the world where to get exposure is a so easy task. Online world is never an exception for that scenario. Nowadays people are more aware regarding online world, many of them have their own blog. If you have your own blog or if you are frequent visitor of various blogs, you must be aware of “about us” page. Now if you are a newbie to blogosphere or if you are planning to do so you can have a question. How can I present myself in my own blog? So this post will describe an answer for you of the question “How to represent yourself in your own blog?”

Be Simple & Be Precise:

Don’t be so enthusiastic and fill out a whole more than a page about your information. People are not here to read about which prize y

ou have won when you have gone to a scout training program in your 6th class? Be precise and be simple. Let the people know your name, little about your educational background and little more about your hobbies and interest. Try to provide enough reasons to your readers that why are you blogging for this particular niche.

Be Neutral:

Don’t give a biased introduction about yourself. Don’t always note down only your good points and achievements. Sometimes it is nice to be honest. Give your readers a look to your failures too. They will have mor

e trust in you and your blog too.

Be relevant & Be natural:

If you are writing a blog for technology niche, don’t write a para

graph or two describing how much you love a cottage outing! It is good to let your readers inform your other activities too but not at cost of your primary are of blogging.

There are certain people who put their whole album of private and public photos on their blog. Never perform like that. Be natural put one or two simple and natural photographs of you if you want to. It doesn’t mean that you are writing for soccer niche you must have a photograph with a ball and stadium in background!

Promote your blog as a brand not yourself:

Even on your “about us” page it is advisable and will look professional if you introduce more of your blog than yourself. Try to let your reader know your blog as a brand and what will you/are you provide/providing in this particular venture?

I hope you have got all the mentioned point. As far as my personal experience with blogging is concerned people will love your introduction if it is natural, neutral and honest. So try to follow the points and don’t forget to let us know how much you have benefitted by the advice?


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