How to Resume All Media Fire Downloads

The web is all about downloading files that you need and there are a lot of file sharing websites that provide a bunch variety of files that you can download.Media Fire is one of them  and probably the best one.Unlike other file sharing websites it allows you to have parallel downloads of your files and all that with resume capability as well.

You must be thinking that what this article is going to explain,Because the Media Fire links are already resumable.I am going to explain you to how to resume downloads from Media Fire links that are 24 hours old. Because Media Fire does not allow to resume the download from 24 hours old links.But wuth these simple steps we can resume that as well.

Things you will need

1.IDM (You must have it already)

2.To Understand the steps(Very Simple)

 So here is the procedure (step by step)

  1. First of all go to IDM and look for the broken download or file that has 24 hours or more older link.
  2. Right click on that file and then select Refresh Download Address.
  3. It will warn you with a pop up.Select ok and IDM will open your Web Browser with the Media Fire Website’s Page.
  4. Don’t click on any download link there and go to privacy tab of your browser(Location of privacy tab depends on the browser you are using).
  5. In the privacy tab just delete the individual cookie and it will result in a new wizard.
  6. In the search bar there,type
  7. Remove the cookies,Click on download and just copy the link address there.
  8. Go back to IDM,broken download,properties and paste the copied link out there.
  9. Its all done.Just click ok and chose the resume option.

So by these simple steps you can resume downloads from the 24 hours old links as well.It is the only limitation of Media Fire,But its now only for the normal users and not for you and me.


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