How To Save Your Smartphone’s Battery From Fast Drainage

Your smartphone is your new pocket-sized computer. You can connect to the internet, do social surfing, book tickets and what not, all you need is a smartphone in your hand. However, it also has its own limit. With the removable batteries becoming rare and rare, you have to take special care of the one that you’ve got.

Smartphone’s Battery

Reason’s behind battery usage

Almost all the apps and functions of your phone use battery, drains the battery. Some of the commonly used ones are mentioned below:

Screen brightness

The brighter your screen, the more it drains the battery. Leaving the brightness on automatic mode or full mode will certainly drain your battery a lot.

Number of applications running in background

With the large number of apps running in the background, you are unknowingly draining the battery. Therefore, it is important that you completely stop the program or exit any of the applications properly.

Cellular signal strength

Your smartphone has the capacity of boosting its own radio strength to manage weak signals. The inconsistent signal strength and the automatic change of operator can leave your battery dead very soon.

Continuous usage of apps

Some specific apps may heat up your smartphone and decrease the battery life. Using an app continuously for more than an hour or so will also leave you with a dead mobile.

Internet connection and applications using it

Apps like Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. continuously connected to the internet, every time there is an update or a notification, a considerable battery is used.


Phone calls use a lot of battery. The new update of background music for calls worsens the situation.

Bluetooth sharing

Bluetooth sharing is considered to be more battery draining than the WiFi. Constant turning on of Bluetooth leads to chances of virus attacks as well as faster battery drainage.

Virus and malwares

Virus is probably the most dangerous foe of your phone. There are many types of virus that one can see coming up every single day. One of the recent viruses discovered now is the battery draining virus.

Methods to avoid the drainage

With the increasing mobile price and non removable batteries, it is a must to use your smartphones wisely. Well managed use of your phone can avoid the problem of quick drainage and dead battery. Given below are some methods that will help you in doing so.

  • Keep your phone cool
  • Avoid wireless charging
  • Avoid multiple chargers
  • Never let it drain fully
  • Don’t use it continuously
  • Close the apps when not in use
  • Keep the Bluetooth closed
  • Try to avoid the background music option
  • Connect to internet only when needed
  • Keep the brightness low
  • Do not allow background applications
  • Do not charge it every now and then

Following these simple steps will ensure long battery life.


Using your smartphones wisely will ensure that it stays in good condition for many years to come. Besides, you need not overspend on changing the battery or phone too often.

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