How to Supercharge Your Blog to Superstar Status

There are thousands of blogs out there on the internet, with each blog offering something else to any user that stumbles upon it. However, with so many out there and each one being hard to find, how does anyone get people to visit and take a look?


Well, the answer is simple. You need to get your name out there and make yourself popular. How you go about this is a little harder.
If you’ve got the drive to make something of your blog, read on below to find out how.

1.    Get the look and content right

When someone visits your blog the first thing they’ll see, before they even start reading, is how the page looks. If it’s a jumbled mess and difficult to navigate, they might not even stick around long enough to read your posts regardless of how good your writing is. Designing a site (or having one designed for you) that’s easy to navigate and looks well-presented will attract more attention.
It’s crucial to get your content right. While search engine optimisation is important, you shouldn’t aim your posts entirely towards online marketing. Posts should be easy to read for the regular user, with good topics and useful information.

Writing with good spelling and grammar will help visitors to take you more seriously. A good sentence structure is needed so that your blog makes sense. Correct punctuation will make your writing flow better. Your point won’t come across correctly if you’re bad at this and no one is likely to recommend a badly written blog. It’s easy to give up reading a post if it’s difficult to read.

2.    Market your blog

Online marketing is really useful for getting more traffic to your blog. You can go about it in a number of ways.

Setting up a page for your blog on a social media site can attract fans and allow you to interact with those following you. You can alert people when you’ve made a new post too and keep people up to date.

Learning a bit about SEO can help boost your blog in the eyes of the search engines. If your blog is on the first page of the search results, it’s guaranteed to get more traffic than being on the fifth.

Writing guest posts for other blogs can lead to more traffic. Other blogs will often let you link to your site at the end of your post for them, which visitors will follow. This works well for SEO, too.

3.    Get known as an expert

Getting known as an expert in your field will make it more likely that people will visit your blog. Only writing on one particular topic, filling your posts with useful information and being open to learn more about this topic will help you to become known.

Visitors are more likely to recommend you to others if you know what you’re talking about.

4.    Keep at it

The most important point is to keep on writing. Regular posts keep people coming back for more. Your blog isn’t going to hit off overnight; it’s something that needs to be worked on.

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