How to Sync iMessages On Your iPhone and iPad

The iOS 5 offers amazing new features to its users for the iPhone, the iPad, or the iPod. Among these many features, one new and very popular feature is iMessage. It is a messaging service that all iOS 5 users have access to. If you love texting your friends, it can be the best service for you. It helps you send unlimited text messages through various sources, such as Wi-Fi, from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.


iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

You can have access to iMessage because it is built into the Messages app. Furthermore, it helps you send photos, text, videos, contacts, as well as locations to your friends and family. You can always stay in contact with everyone through group messaging. Additionally, it provides you delivery receipts along with read receipts, which are optional. This helps you in tracking your messages. Additionally, you can enjoy seeing when your friend is typing.


Although iMessage is similar to BlackBerry messaging service, it is a lot better than that. If you are using iOS devices, your conversation can be synchronized between these devices. If you started a conversation on your iPhone, you can continue it on your iPad by synchronizing iMessages on your iPad and iPhone. But you have to set up iMessage to do this. For doing this, you have to go through a simple procedure.

1.       First of all, you have to ensure that you have made proper settings on your iPhone. In order to do this, open Settings on your iPhone. Then you will see a list of many options. Select the option of Messages from there. There will be one more option “Receive At”. Tap on this option to go further.

2.       Register your e-mail address in case you have not registered it earlier with iMessage. After adding your e-mail address, you will see your e-mail address as well as your phone number listed. You will see it even if you had registered your e-mail address earlier. Then you will see a section of Caller ID. You can go further by putting the critical piece of puzzle in it by tapping on Caller ID.

3.       It is important that your e-mail address be set as your Caller ID. This is because it allows you to send and receive iMessages by using your e-mail address rather than using your phone number. Although you will use your e-mail address to send replies of text messages, an iMessage will be sent to your phone number first.

After following the steps mentioned above, you will succeed in setting up iMessage on your iPhone and you will use your e-mail address as your Caller ID. Now, the next step will require setting up iMessage on your iPad by using the same e-mail address that had been used as your Caller ID.

1.       Take your iPad and launch the Settings app. Then you will see a list having many options. You have to select the option of Messages from there.

2.       The procedure is a bit similar to that of syncing iMessages on iPhone. For receiving messages, you can see your e-mail address if it is the same as the one you added while setting up iMessages on your iPhone. If the e-mail address is different, you will need to add the one you added on your iPhone. Now you are done with it on your iPad.

Once you have been successful in synchronizing iMessage conversations between your iPhone and iPad, you can switch in between them while you enjoy texting your friends.

Having the same Caller ID for synchronizing iMessages is essential for iPhone and iPad users because it associates well with your e-mail address. Whereas, using phone numbers to sync iMessages between iOS 5 devices can be complicated.

iMessages does not sync automatically until and unless you do it yourself. Although you have to sync iMessages between your devices manually, it is at least a lot better than the situation in which you have to announce PIN whenever you need to switch from one device to the other. Additionally, users are still happy that they can switch between iOS 5 devices easily without consuming their time.

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