How valentines have evolved throughout the ages

Valentine greetings and verses were trendy going back to the middle ages, when lovers sang or said their valentines. Written valentines started appearing after the 1400’s. The oldest “valentine” in reality was made way back in the 1400’s and is in the. Located is the British museum is a paper valentine which used to be exchanged across Europe, they were given as gifts. They were very trendy in England. Early valentines were made by hand and were made with colored watercolors, papers, and colored inks.

There were numerous different kinds of handmade valentines which include: Acrostic valentines – this had verses that spelled out the loved one’s name in the first line. Cutout valentines – this was made by folding the paper quite a few times and then ex-purging a lace like design or form with some small, sharp, pointed scissors. Pinprick valentines – this was made by pricking minute holes in a paper with a needle or pin. Creating the look of a lace.

The Poonah/ Theorem valentines were designs that had stencil decoration using oil paper , the method they used was used by the Asian countries. The Regus valentines were verses which were small with some minute picture which represented some words. The puzzle purse could fold and unfold an in-between the folds were verses arranged in a certain order. The Fraktur valentines had letters which were decorative in appearance and illuminated the manuscripts of the ancient times.

During the 1800s, valentines started to resurface again into the factories and early mass produced valentines were mostly white and black, with picture painted by the factory workers themselves. Some of the good quality valentines had ribbons laced in them, the lace was a paper lace which was created in the 1800s and by the end of the 1800 they were being massed produced using machinery.

Later in the 1900s Norcross company began to manufacture valentines  annually and every year they collected and displayed them as antics all around the country. Libraries and Museums also offer historic valentine exhibitions around St. Valentine’s Day.

Every time you give Valentine’s Day greeting cards to someone, unless it is your grandmother or mother, you are naturally providing them to someone you deeply love (an important person much like your other half).

There’s frequently a missing part of some sort and we need to choose on what we are set to live with. It is not that guys have to settle for a card that is bad, they are always valuable, but we were hoping for astounding. Unluckily it simply does not happen that often, no matter how countless of them we read. Bear in mind though, it may let you down a little at times, nonetheless, your cards are always perfect for them.

Nevertheless , if astounding is necessary for you (and it is too many), there’s a confirmed method to make that happen and it is by making your own personalized and customized Valentine’s greeting cards online.



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