Importance Of Building Lists For Your Business

Everyday life can often be littered with lists! For some individuals, it can be lists for domestic chores or for shopping and for others it could be a list of books that need to be purchased or read. For a business owner however, making lists can take in many aspects such as:

  • Contacts who need to be on regular mailing lists
  • Names of people who can donate money and resources
  • Points for a meeting or agenda
  • Things to do while a project is being undertaken and so on.

There is also the importance of building lists for your business with a view to promote all aspects of business operations including brand image. Here is why a business organization must build lists.

Better clarity

Most business organizations have to deal with the challenges of shrinking resources. Therefore, apportioning resources to business efforts is important and one of the ways in which an organization can conduct this exercise is to have lists. For instance, if the website has generated lists of names of people then sorting through this list must yield ‘categories’ of people. A larger portion of business resources should be allotted to people who are HNIs and so on.


Sorting out activities

A business organization can also have many ways in which it communicates to its customers, partners and others in the ecosystem. Some of the ways include:

  • Newsletters
  • Email campaigns
  • Mailers
  • Push messages and even
  • Text messages

Normally, customers may not like to receive the same message through all media! A list will help a business owner use the right medium to reach the right customer. A well-managed and sorted list could also give the business owner control over the content of the message. For instance, a stay at home mom may be more interested in housekeeping services than a businessman.

Contact management systems

Lists of contacts can be generated from sources such as social media accounts, websites – whether it is filling forms or people using your contact information, emails and so on. Building a list will allow a business to cross sell, upsell and even add more numbers to their client list via referrals. Building a list will also allow a business organization to offer targeted promotional materials.

There are plenty of contact management systems that offer filtering and categorizing capabilities too. This simply means that you will be able to send specific information to clients or contacts. For instance, you could inform only the people based in and around Perth if you are opening a store there. When your clients get relevant information, they are more likely to act on the same. Nobody wants to be inundated with information that is of no use to them!

Building lists should also include the capacity to sort names according to age, interests, gender and even purchasing power. Such granular visibility simply means better control for your marketing efforts and client management powers. At the end of the day, therefore, a business organisation which has ‘well sorted’ lists has a better chance at creating and sustaining meaningful relationships with its clients.

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