Interesting Game Ideas to Study Flashcards

Classrooms are places where you could actually find flash cards. Learning would always be essential but some of the information needs a person to memorize it. Flash cards are actually essential for the reason that they are giving out the repetitive practice for the topic that you are teaching, whatever it would be. You could buy even those that are being produced commercially or simply make your own by just using card stock or index cards that are being cut into rectangles. Flashcards are considered one of the best tool for memory retention.


One of the best group setting games played by many is Around the World. This works when all of the players are sitting down in circle or even on chairs on the floor. Thus, everyone could surely see what’s on the flash cards. One person will be the challenger. He or she will stand behind one of the seated players into the circle and then a flash card will be displayed. The first one to answer the question displayed on the flash card will be the winner of the round. Whenever the challenger wins, he will then move on the next person within the circle and will challenge her upon the next question. Whenever the sitting challenger wins, he or she will be switching places and would become the newest challenger, starting with the next person into the circle. Making it all the way around the whole circle by just answering the right question is the key point here. is a best place to study flashcards online.

Match Up Flash Cards

The flash cards are one of the bests when it comes to matching games. You can just make a set of answer cards in order to go with this game. The players will then match the answers with its corresponding flash cards. You could actually play such game like those of the classic concentration or memory game. The cards are being turned upside-down, with the players taking turns and flipping over the two cards one at a time. The main goal here is to find the flash cards with the best answer.

Fetching Flash Cards

This kind of game will then start with the flash cards being spread out and shuffled on the floor. The teacher would call out a certain flash card and that the student has to scramble it, so he or she could find the right one. If you are working up with mathematics cards, you have to call out the perfect answer to the problem. For those of the letter and word types of flash cards, you only have to say the letter or the word and get the players to find it. The first person who will find the card will get the point.

Sit and Stand

This kind of game will divide the players in two teams of the same numbers. Each and every one would start to stand up and the teacher will start with the first person on each of the team. Once he answered the flash cards in a right way, he will stand. However, once the answer is incorrect, he will sit. This will then continue with the host moving back and forth in between the teams, until everyone already has their chances. Points will be earned if a person is still standing. You could surely play rounds as many as you prefer.


If you are doing this in the classroom, then you will need a small hoop for such game. You could even use crumpled papers for the balls and the trash could serve as the basket. With this, the first player has to answer the flash card in a right way prior to shooting up a basket. If the answer was incorrect, the student would not get the chance to shoot. For one to earn points, he or she should make it to the basket.

True or False

In this kind of game, you will be designating the “true” and the “false” area within the room. This could be as simple as having the kids to move onto one side of the room for true and the other side for the false. The teacher will then display flash cards and would say his or her answer. The students decide if what the teacher said is true or not. That’s the time that they would move to the areas designating “true” or “false”.

So now you can enjoy these game ideas to study flashcards in more effective way to learn various skills you want.


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